Reporting Bugs

How to report a bug.

When you submit a bug you need to make sure that nothing from your side is causing it, otherwise your developer might be hunting a bug which doesn't really exist. The best way to achieve this is by doing the following

1. Make a nandroid backup. 

2. Perform a full wipe (factory reset + wipe /system) 

Now we have two different ways, 3A and 3B, depending on what kind of problem you're having. 

3A. When you're having a problem with a ROM function, flash just the ROM without GAPPS etc. and boot back into the system. You will boot directly onto the homescreen. 

3B. When you're having a problem with a 3rd party app in combination with our ROM then flash the ROM and GAPPS.  
Boot now back into the system. You will boot to the setup wizard.  
Log in to your Google account but make sure that you untick "Restore from my Google Account to this phone/tablet". 
Finish the setup and open the playstore and download only the app you're having problems with. 

Now when you're done with either 3A or 3B proceed with the following:

4. Now reproduce the bug (if possible more than once). After you reproduced the bug go into settings and SlimCenter and click on Bugreport. A will appear on your sdcard in a directory called Slim. 

  • Enable root access in developer options before generating a bug report. 

5. Create a new thread in your device's section at Attach this zip along with your report. Please also write detailed description how we can reproduce the bug. 

6. Restore your backup from point 1 and wait for a fix (don't ask for ETAs).