SlimBean 2.1

All Devices

  • Centered Lockscreen ( Default Slim Dpi)
  • Centered Clock on Lockscreen(Multi DPI)
  • Centered call answer button (Default Slim Dpi)
  • CM Lockscreen weather via ASS (Weather Icon fixed, thanks tchaari).
  • Quick pin/password unlock ( no need to press OK)
  • Customizable Nav Bar ( works on all devices)
  • Volume Button Wake via ASS
  • Hold Back button to kill via Customizable Nav Bar.
  • External BT GPS support from CM ( no idea if this works or not), enable gps via settings, location services, gps source.
  • Bluetooth AVRCP support
  • UMS, MTP and PTP support ( UMS doesn't work on Gnex as it's not supported)
  • Google Restore works fine ( user can untick restore if they don't want to restore like me).
  • Support for Galaxy S2 and NS 4G.
  • Vibrate and Ring fixed.
  • Added update me app shortcut to Settings ( OTA).
  • IMEI warning added, if it pops up it doesn't mean you lost IMEI on flashing 2.1, could be the first time you are notified.

Galaxy S Variants

  • Semaphore is the default again, stratosk figured out the issue which was in my end.
  • Galaxy S Settings available only via settings/device settings.

Known Issues for 2.1:

  • ASS, performance, cpu slider doesn't work, use NS tools or other ones.
  • Some devices see fewer satellites but locks ( based on tester's feedback).
  • SGS2 : only upto 3 MP camera and Video Recording doesn't end and FC's.
  • Lockscreen wallpaper doesn't stick

How to Install:

  • Download and, flash with a Full wipe in that order.. Optionally flash the addons ( srec_voicedial_google now, extras and face unlock)

Note for SGS variants:

  • Upgrading to 2.1 will prob bootloop at first, pull battery, reboot to recovery, reflash device and common zip. This is due to the partition layout.