Slim Bean 2.2

All Devices

  • Landscape soft reboot fixed
  • Sync with AOSP
  • Features added - thanks CM, aokp, cna
    • Lockscreen Wallpaper
    • Lockscreen Targets - Slider shortcuts (1-5 or 6 -8)
    • Centered Clock on Lockscreen clock optional
    • Centered Lock on lockscreen on all options.
    • Customizable Hardware Keys
    • Notification Count same as aokp
    • Power Widget instead of Aokp toggles
    • Power Menu with screenshot
    • Status Bar changes to CM
    • Weather on Lockscreen, same as last release
    • Calendar on Lockscreen
    • Enable custom nav bar with upto 5 targets
    • Enable custom nav har ring with 3 targets - thanks team eos
    • CPU/Performance modifications  - OC etc at your own risk
    • Enable hardware back key to kill app via settings/developer settings/apps
    • Change LCD density via settings/developer settings/Reboot needed
    • Device information, Network selection etc via settings/developer settings/Device Information
    • Customize root access to none, apps, adb, apps and adb via settigns/developer settings/misc

SGS 2/ SGS 3 ( d2att and d2 vzw)

  • You will see two Galleries, one with upto 8MP camera, one with picasa sync ( part of common). It stays that way as i like the picasa sync feature, but you can remove it from common 2.2 before flashing.

Known Issues for 2.2 ( Do Not Report)

  • kill app via customizable nav bar restarts systemUI.
  • NFC doesn't work on d2att and d2vzw
  • 1-5 lockscreen cuts off a bit at the bottom, not a real issue as you can get to all 5, use 6-8, all is well. it moves up.
  • GPS sees fewer sats but locks on some devices, temp fix seems to be to grab from CM10, push it in. mnazim has a flashable zip, credit him for that.
  • In Gnex and Nexus 7, if the shortcut to camera doesn't work, go to settings, interface, lockscreen, slider shortcuts, select it again by touching the big text message that gets displayed.

This version is probably the most feature rich version of slim but keeps the slim concept well and good. Lots of effort ( i mean lots 3-4 hrs a day) fellas has gone into this. I expect every single user to read this carefully. Will really appreciate it. Do hit the thanks button and donate if possible.

How to Install:

  • Download and common 2.2 .zip
  • Wipe cache/dalvik, Flash device FIRST, then common, then whatever extras/addons you need
  • If there are problems, repeat step 2 but with a full wipe and format /system. Enjoy!

Download Links:

Will be up in the download seciton soon.