Slim Bean 2.3

Changes on the way. Github set up for my betas to sync and compile. Moving forward slim builds will be produced by the following

  • SGS Variants - prbassplayer
  • Nexus S Variants - tchaari
  • GNex ( Maguro, Toro & ToroPLus) - krarvind
  • SGS2 - krarvind
  • SGS3 vzw- cordell
  • SGS3 (d2att and I9300)- krarvind
  • Nexus 7 - krarvind
  • Slim Gapps ( has modded play store for multi dpi), Extras, GNow and Face Unlock  - maintained by mnazim

All links will appear as usual in this website. mnazim will also make an AIO ( All In One) package which will include Slim Gapps, Extras, GNow and Face Unlock. No other customized packages will be made. If you flash another gapps, find multi dpi play store zip in MyLifeRocks10 a RC @ sgs2 thread and thank him for creating it.

All Devices

  • Latest sync with AOSP source
  • Added UMS, MTP , PTP options via settings, storage
  • Browser FC fix when scrolling
  • GPS Fixed natively, no patch needed

Nexus and Galaxy Nexus

  • LED flashlight Toggle fix

SGS 3 d2 variants

  • Call delay fix
  • Occasional SOD fix
  • Latest QCOM changes in line with CM

Issue Not Resolved Yet

  • Kill app via Customizable nav bar causes SystemUI restart.

New Issues

  • Gallery is FC'ing. I am out for the night and possibly weekend, just noticed it, so  fix will have to wait for now. (fixed in Nexus S, Nexus S 4G, I9000 and I897)
  • FIxed now, d/l the Gallery_camera_fix.patch if your gallery/camera FC (Nexus S, Nexus S4g, I9000 and I897 does not need it as its included)

How to Install:

  • Download your device zip
  • Download Slim Gapps ( no more common)
  • Enter recovery, wipe cache, dalvik, flash Device first, then slim gapps. If you flash another gapps, you will break multi dpi market. Don't post in the thread with issues.
  • If wipe cache/dalvik gave you issues, do a full wipe & format system

What to do Next:

  • Hit thanks button to me and your device compilers so the ratio of d/ls to thanks button is better this time around :).