Slim Bean 2.4

Check the About Section on who your device maintainer. List will be updated as/when applicable.

All Devices

  • Kill App FC via Customizable Nav Bar fixed
  • Rebased MMS to CM's to get their features such as quick reply etc
  • Centered phone incoming call widget ( for answering a call) - a decent fix, working on making it better
  • Phone - Advanced Settings ( vibrate on answer, hangup etc)
  • Dialpad Settings for landscape mode dialer (This and one above could already be in 2.3, not sure)
  • Browser with user agent selection
  • Start up tweaks stick and work ( needs kernel to support it)
  • Basic google search included in ROM zip and will be replaced by GNow on flashing the GNow zip package.

SGS Variants

  • Fixed the kernel not flashing issue


  • Camera freeze some users observed should be fixed.

SGS3 ( d2 Variants)

  • All kind of changes, matching cm's device folder changes, qcom changes up until sep12 commits.
  • Latest changes from Imoseyon for the kernel

Known Issues with 2.4

All Devices

  • Screen flickers for a sec when you lock the phone with power button

SGS 3 Variants

  • Wifi Tethering only works on "Open"

How to Install:

From 2.4 Downloads

  1. Download from current release tab
  2. Downnload addons froam addons tab(,extras, gnow and face unlock) (only download addons if you don't have them already from 2.3)
  3. Wipe cache/dalvik,
    • Flash device FIRST,then
    • ((gapps, +  whatever extras/addons you need) or  the aio package)
  4. If there are problems, repeat step 3 but with a full wipe and format /system. Enjoy!