Slim Bean 2.7

All Devices

  • Update to 4.1.2 build number JZO54K
  • Full system Language support, yes its true.
  • Fixed default ringtone so its not silent
  • All kind of updates, check github for details
  • Backup tool incorporated, Read Carefully -> Huge Thanks to gmillz
    ( only guaranteed to work on our gapps and addons, if you flash another gapps etc you are on your own), similar to CM. for 2.7, MUST RE-DOWNLOAD slim_gapps and all addons you use. When 2.7 is released, do the following
    • Flash Device, then flash the NEW slim_gapps and any other addon you use/want. From the next release on, wipe cache/dalvik cache, Just flash device zip, rest should remain intact.
      • NOTE: If you for a format /system in recovery, you will lose all backups and have to reflash all addons again.
  • Multi DPI play store 3.9.16 , go thank kufikugel for this. That man is crazy
  • Nav bar icon fix by kufi kugel
  • Fast charge icon fix
  • New LockScreen Glowpad Icon, check it out :)

Nexus Devices

  • Update JZO54K binaries for all nexus devices


  • Switched to using CM10 kernel as is
  • RILJ fixes from cm10


  • Updated CM10 kernel and applicable device pulls from cm10

 Known Issues:

  • Double animation on taking pics exist
  • Overlap of camera, video and panorama exists for some dpi

How To Install

Download 2.7 ROM (when it shows up) from Downloads tab on main page.

  • Enter Recovery,Wipe Cache, Dalvik Cache

NOTE ONLY FOR SGS variants on Semaphore 2.3.0/s ( I9000, i897 and T959). Manually Mount system, then follow instructions below or Flash Semaphore 2.2.0/s first. Rest of the devices, ignore this note

  • Flash Device
  • MUST D/L Slim_Gapps and other addons you want
  • Flash your addons
  • Reboot. Any issues, repeat above steps with a full wipe. On next upgrades of slim if you stay with slim, just flash the device zip, all your addons will be automatically backed up and restored.
  • Hint: If you have problems with Playstore please redownload Slim_Gapps and other addons do a full wipe and reflash or try first FAQ. We updated the packages. Sorry for circumstances