Slim Bean 2.8

All Devices:

  • Full integration of 4.1.2 with single finger notification gestures etc - swipe down to expand notification info, swipe down and up to collapse.
  • Full screen mode - Enable via settings, ass, interface, power menu options
  • High End graphic display - Enabled by default, disable via settings, ass, performance ( used to be disabled on hdpi devices)
  • Allow devices that do not meet ActivityManager.isHighEndGfx(display) to enable graphic effects such as (in this case) the screen dimming effect behind an expanded notification panel.
  • Circle Battery options ( %, no %, dotted with %) - Enable via settings, ass, interface, status bar, battery
  • Click to expand status bar clock and date - expands and pulls up alarm, calendar respectively
  • Dual Pane Mode from AOKP - works only on system settigns and other framework related.
  • Force Tablet UI at any dpi, based off barrmulio @ xda. Works really best on lower than slim's stock dpi's. Enable this and dual pane via settings, ass, generalui.
  • New Default Wallpaper - thanks kufikugel. For those want default jellybean, check kufikugel's thread and/or mods/themes section of downloads in the website.
  • German translation for Advanced Slim Settings - thanks neb

Misc info for kangers and other interested parties. Inline compile kernel fully integrated and working.


Known Issues:

  • To change DPI, use only settings, developer options. Can't guarantee other apps, builld.prop edit etc.
  • Torch toggle might be slightly buggy for some and notification cutoff at slim dpi still exists
  • Partially missing translation for the Navigation bar point in settings.
  • Gallery app if you are in a folder and press back Gallery closes.


  • There is a possibility of bootloop after install, if it does, just long press power until it reboots.


  • [FIXED] Sprint extension has stopped working message may pop up on each reboot.


Check out our beautiful new download section here. Big thanks to kufikugel for takign the lead on this and prbassplayer for helping him

How To Install:

  • Go to the d/l section above, select your device.
  • Download 2.8 device zip
  • Recommend also d/l ing 2.8 device zip md5sum to verify integrity ( don't try to flash this :p)
  • Reboot to recovery, wipe cache, dalvik cache then just flash your 2.8 device zip. If you were with slim 2.7 you are done, all your addons will be backed up. If you are not with slim 2.7 flash all the addons you need. Reboot.
  • If you run into problems, DO NOT report yet, DO a FULL WIPE ( factory reset + format /system), then flash device zip, addons etc. If you can reproduce issues, get a logcat/last_kmsg, report in your thread only, don't email me :p