Slim Bean 3.0

All Devices:

3.0 is based on android 4.1.2.

New Features

  • group mms ( Mms -> Settings ->MMS Messages->Enable Group MMS)
  • Toggle to disable fullscreen keyboard (Settigns->ASS->Interface->GeneralUI->DisableFullscreenkeyboard)
  • Custom notification drawer Wallpaper and alpha (Settigns->ASS->Interface->NotificationDrawer)
  • Wifi name display (Settigns->ASS->Interface->GeneralUI->ShowWifiNetworkName)
  • Alternate Default App Picker from AOKP(Settigns->ASS->Interface->GeneralUI->UseAltDefaultAppGrid)
  • Allow long-press actions from hardware keys from CM (Settings->ASS->Interface->Lockscreen->Button Actions)
  • LatinIME: Volume key cursor control
  • Custom status bar date function
  • Direct call function for mms.apk and dialerpad(MMS->Settings)
  • Blackberry and Cirlce ( optimus) sytle lockscreen + transparent background (Settings->Ass->Interface->LockScreen->ScreenSecurity)


    • Navbarring shows now on all devices and works also without googleNOW
    • Navbar searchand back icon
  • performance not set on boot
  • dialer code fc (*#*#4636#*#*)
  • Change custom icons default applicationto gallery
  • LatinIME to give ability to theme with theme chooser
  • Torch Toggle


  • stylus gesture features commited from cm
  • update for UrlImageViewHelper
  • Added hex value field to color picker from notification light settings
  • more german translation and some other small ones
  • more or less new feature/overwork Stopwatch & Countdown in Clock (viewpager now)

Knwon issues

    • BB lockscreen does not support tablets at the moment
    • notfication cut off sometimes on lower dpi
    • i9100 - frontcam is buggy
    • d2vzw/d2spr - bad build of Mms.apk fix available in your device download folder
    • inverted gapps calendar doesn't sync -> download here the update for it: click


How To Install 3.0.0

For Most Users:

  • Download 3.0.0 from here
  • Addons ( if you don't have it already) from here
  • Full wipe, and manual format /system
  • Flash device 3.0 AND the addons you want, reboot

For expert/advanced users ( those who debug on their own):

  • Download 3.0.0 from here
  • Wipe cache/dalvik, flash device zip
  • Reboot, if your run into issues, do the steps "For Most Users" and try to reproduce