SlimBean 3.1

this will be our last final 4.1.2 based release. We fixed the last stuff which wasn't fixed to have a good end product for 4.1.2. We already started with our new 4.2.1 base and are happy to present it in near give us a bit time and enjoy the 3.1 feeling:

Hint: hercules builds will come a bit later.


  • Notification Sound Toggle in PowerWidget
  • Custom backgrounds & transparencies added to Notification drawer background & rows
  • Settings Spanish translations (many thanks for Hamletiano)


  • Lockscreen background transparency moved to background customization
  • Lockscreen transparency works on the fly now
  • Lockscreen background 0-100% alpha can be activated on colorfill and custom background
  • Lockscreen clock moved in settings to widget behaviour.
  • Lockscreen clock style could be customized now + hidden feature
  • Optimus and BB lockscreen can now be colored and you can change transparency as you like
  • Optimus background settings deleted cause of new stock background customization ability
  • Ability to choose a custom lockscreen before secure lockscreens
  • Vibration support for optimus and BB lockscreen
  • Whole lockscreen settings are working dynamically now and show just what is possible to customize
  • Notification drawer - transparency of notification row can be set
  • Notification drawer - add support for custom landscape background
  • Notification drawer - add support for background color fill
  • Notification drawer - reset of background image not any longer over menu
  • Notification drawer - moved whole style options in style category @settings
  • Volume key cursor now affects all keyboards


  • System - Turn off screen fails sometimes
  • System - Transparency standard value of statusbar to 0%
  • MMS - Settings option black theme function back
  • Lockscreen - Several music transport control fixes
  • Lockscreen - BB tablet support
  • Lockscreen - Peformance improvements for optimus lockscreen on hdpi devices
  • Lockscreen - Owner info shows on lockscreen
  • Notification drawer - Dotted circle battery in notification drawer
  • Notification drawer - Custom background image landscape (scales now)
  • Notification drawer - Stock background at 0% transparency is now properly opaque


How To Install SlimBean 3.1

For Most Users:

  • Download 3.1 from here
  • Addons ( if you don't have it already) from here
  • Full wipe, and manual format /system
  • Flash device 3.1 AND the addons you want, reboot

For expert/advanced users ( those who debug on their own):

  • Download 3.1 from here
  • Wipe cache/dalvik, flash device zip and gapps upgrade zip
  • Reboot, if your run into issues, do the steps "For Most Users" and try to reproduce