4.2.1 RC 2

OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH! RC2 is ready, great progress we did in this release, and we also support a new device the Galaxy Note II 7100. Thanks to all for their support, either with bug reporting, betatesting or donating some bucks. We really appreciate your help!

Changes and Features

  • Shiny new Slim OTA App
  • new battery icon (only percent) + textcolor
  • Specific WiFi network priority
  • Long press lockscreen handle to unlock
  • Reworked WiFi AP to be more like PW
  • Dual-pane settings
  • Mms auto retrieval
  • Forward port ClockWorkMod Touch Recovery from SlimRoms JB
  • Improved RAM bar with additional mods
  • Add Call statistics to Phone
  • Add/update many translations to Gallery, Mms, People, Bluetooth, Browser and Deskclock
  • Add option to shake/flip to control Alarms
  • Add option to hide Alarm clock icon on statusbar
  • Add option to toggle the pointer icon when using stylus
  • Add ability to answer calls using home button
  • Add Stylus gestures
  • Last App toggle - Sethyx
  • Status Bar: Fade CM widgets on Low Profile mode
  • Add camera power modes
  • Add High-end GFX toggle
  • Add browser long press to “open in incognito” and new navbar buttons
  • Add Status bar transparency and colors
  • Add Navbar transparency and color
  • Add option to switch between UMS and MTP/PTP
  • Add “Don't wake up when plug in/out” option
  • Add QS pulldown without notification
  • New battery icon style
  • Don't respond to touch in manual network search
  • Display on while stopwatch running
  • Tons of improvements and Fixes including some changes from 4.2.1_r1.2


  • Enable dock and power widget
  • Enable Torch some missing stuff
  • Enable Noise suppression
  • Headphone speaker improvements


  • Linaro Kernel
  • Updated to 3.0.61
  • LMK Fixes


  • Add focus modes to camera

d2 kernel

  • Compiled with Linaro
  • Merge Linux 3.0.y
  • Add OC upto 1.9Ghz Max
  • cpufreq/msm_thermal/ramdisk: Make sure max freq stays at 1.5Ghz
  • Add Fast Charge - imoseyon
  • CM based Ramdisks
  • CM Upstream changes


  • LeanKernel v5.8.2
  • Updated newest Linux
  • Fix sysfs functions - idle_time conversion
  • Add some debug information on ROW queues
  • Insert dispatch_quantum into struct row_queue
  • Aggregate row_queue parameters to one structure
  • Fix PEAP with dynamic WEP
  • Hold mutex while removing reader


  • Update kernel sources by bedalus
  • Add MTP support (thanks mnazim)


  • Kernel fixes
  • Camera fix attempts
  • WiFi fixes
  • Sound enhancements - NEAK


  • Camera Power shutter
  • Incoming call widget display
  • Notification drawer alpha
  • Data restore on First Setup
  • Window pop-up while marking as read from notification - CM
  • Audioflinger: Fix to release wakelock after closeoutput
  • A2DP on Samsung - CM
  • Restoring network mode preference on reboot
  • Cleanup on logcat output
  • QS Animation
  • Exynos 3: 2g/3g switchable
  • Exynos 4: Signal strength
  • Devtools FC
  • WiFi Config FC
  • Battery Temp display
  • VideoCamera settings panel freeze
  • Samsung WiFi logic
  • Notification Cutoff at SlimDPI
  • Multiple camera detection in Camcorder
  • Volume wake fix
  • Long press Navring
  • Memleaks in various core OS components
  • Toro+: GPS issues
  • I9000: Play store compatibility issues
  • I9000: Media duplication

Known issues

  • Attach video in Mms causes FC on some devices

Device specific issues


  • Glitches in App Drawer and Daydream

Gapps packages

  • non inverted gapps AIO and Extras update
  • inverted gapps Slimgapps, AIO, Extras update and fixes

How To Install SlimBean 4.2.1 RC 2

For Most Users:

  • Download 4.2.1 from here
  • Addons ( if you don't have it already) from here
  • !recommended! Full wipe, and manual format /system
  • Flash device 4.2.1 AND the addons you want, reboot

For expert/advanced users ( those who debug on their own):

  • Download 4.2.1 from here
  • Wipe cache/dalvik, flash device zip and gapps upgrade zip
  • Reboot, if your run into issues, do the steps "For Most Users" and try to reproduce