4.2.1 stable 1.0

Start your engines...4.2.1 stable 1.0 is released. Before we go 4.2.2 we decided to release a stable JOP40G release. Enjoy and discover our new unique functions we added.


  • new device arrived: manta (Nexus 10)
  • dropped device support for tf300t

Changes and Features

  • Full JOP40G base
  • Add Notification Sound Toggle to PowerWidget
  • Modified Expanded Desktop Mode
  • Flip to mute/dismiss call
  • Add shortcut to Gallery from CameraSwitcher
  • Privacy mode notifications to Mms
  • More options added to hardware key rebinding (Last app, Power, Custom app)
  • Bluetooth MAP (Message Access Profile) Upstream Changes
  • Add support for FM Radio
  • Add Quiet Hours QuickSettings tile
  • Notification Shortcuts
  • Lockscreen shortcuts
  • 5/8 targets selection
  • Increasing volume alarm
  • FM radio API from CyanogenMod
  • Enhanced GPS
  • Added ascending volume option to Deskclock
  • Added settings to every tab in Deskclock
  • Enable and disable CRT animation (both on and off)
  • Brightness level customization
  • Ground work for multi user (Still not completely implemented.)
  • And a great deal of smaller cleanup and optimizing.
  • Captivate & Vibrant
    • Rebinding for search hardware key
  • I9100G
    • Updated to 3.0.63
    • Added ROW I/O Scheduler
    • BT and Radio Fixes


  • Camera focus improvements
  • Fix leftover glow in NavBar
  • qcom_common: Tuneups and Cleaning
  • msm8660-common: Clean up device tree
  • Fix Korean font
  • Fix Facebook App FC
  • Fix Mms audio clip attach FC
  • Fix clock opens calendar
  • Fix battery color mods at lower levels
  • Faster disk operations
  • Fixed performance parameters reset on boot
  • Fixed battery percent glitch (used to stay red after a full charge)

Device specific issues

Exynos4 devices (i9100/i777/n7000 etc)

  • Graphics glitches in Holo Launcher AppDrawer if using Vertical Continuous
  • i9100: Touch Zoom buggy (use volume buttons to zoom)
  • i9100: WiFi Direct not working

How To Install SlimBean 4.2.1 stable 1.0

For Most Users:

  • Download 4.2.1 from here
  • Addons ( if you don't have it already) from here
  • !recommended! Full wipe, and manual format /system
  • Flash device 4.2.1 AND the addons you want, reboot

For expert/advanced users ( those who debug on their own):

  • Download 4.2.1 from here
  • Wipe cache/dalvik, flash device zip and gapps upgrade zip
  • Reboot, if your run into issues, do the steps "For Most Users" and try to reproduce