4.2.2 Build 2.5

Dear All! After there were some rarely FCs cause by a bug here is a brandnew SlimRom version available!!!! Identifying and finding the bug was a bit annoying, and in the background we think about something else to help us provide your better support... more about that coming soon... As always thanks to the community, that helped us to identify the problem and providing input, to our betatester and translators! Thank you and enjoy!

Features and changes

  • TRDS all apps changing now on the fly no need to restart the app
  • Show reboot message to Quick Setting and Power Widget
  • Mms Breath animation
  • Updated Gmail
  • Updated Youtube
  • Camera: Seperate settings for colors and jpeg settings
  • Camera Add support for 2.1MP, 9MP and 13MP picture size ( Your device will only show the max MP it supports)
  • Camera add support for 2.5MP and 6.4 MP (16:9) picture sizes
  • Mako: add LTE QS Tile
  • QCOM: Tons of ehancments
  • Many other smaller updates
  • Email: Lockscreen widget
  • Slim goes Sony...new device arrived: Xperia S


  • App force close problems
  • Fix unsupported tiles regression
  • LatinIME TRDS fixes
  • Gmail jiberish toast message
  • Contacts share FC
  • Email widget FC
  • Performance and battery drain issues
  • Device specific
    • I9100G
      • Fix TimeLapse and A/V alignment
    • I9300
      • Fix battery capacity
    • Toro
      • Fix GPS problems

Known issues:

  • Device specific
    • D2
      • Audio stutters when using audio Touch Sounds (disable to fix)
    • nozomi
      • Camera HDR mode crash after second picture (restart camera to fix)



How to install SlimBean 4.2.2 build 2.5

For Most Users:

  • Download 4.2.2 from here
  • Addons from here
  • !recommended! Full wipe, and manual format /system
  • Flash device 4.2.2 AND the addons you want, reboot

For advanced Users:

  • Download 4.2.2 from here
  • Addonsupgrades from here
  • wipe cache and dalvic
  • Flash device 4.2.2 AND the addons you want, reboot

From another 4.2.2 ROM

  • Reboot to recovery
  • Full wipe, and manual format /system
  • Flash ROM zip
  • Flash Gapps/AIO zip
  • Reboot

PS: If any of the flashes are too quick i.e., less than 5 seconds.. flash again!