4.2.2 Build 3 released

Dear SlimUser!

We are happy to announce a new release, some really nice features and fixes (most of them cosmetic). This release will be on a new, shiny new server we (hopefully) can afford with your support.

We want to thank everybody for your support, it does not matter if you translated, betatested, reported bugs, developed THANK YOU!!!!

Some highlight I want to point out, that we have Full Russian translation now! Thanks to the famous Sergey aka gwindlord.

IMPORTANT HINT: For build.3 release you have to download new addons/gapps and install them with the rom like in installation instructions mentioned below.

Features and Changes

  • Add Smart Control to Gallery
  • Add Widget Pager to HW/NavBar/NavRing
  • Add Easy Contact Selector to Mms
  • Add Hide Avatar to Mms
  • Add Expanded Desktop Tile
  • Add Volume Tile
  • Add Power Tile/PW Button
  • Add Lock Volume keys in Silent
  • Add Long press 'Clear all' to clear cache [Gimme Moar RAM!]
  • Add LED Notification to Calendar events
  • Add Email Lockscreen widget
  • Add Moar shortcuts on keyboard
  • Add New SuperUser
  • Add WebSockets to Browser
  • Updated DashClock [Latest with Daydream and all!]
  • Added Full Russian translations [thanks to gwinlord]
  • Add German translations
  • More and More fixes and optimizations as always.
  • Device specific
    • N7100: Updated Mali drivers
    • OneX: Add LED Control
    • D2: Added vibration strength control to Performance settings


NOTE: The long click 'Clear All' button to force clear cache WILL free RAM. BUT DO THIS ONLY WHEN YOU ARE DYING FOR MORE RAM, Else you are just messing with the Android application manager, which btw, is optimized to speed up app load times... Clearing cache every now and then will mess with this process!



  • Fix TRDS issues with Mms/Contacts/Email
  • Fix signature not applied to QuickReply
  • Fix Call waiting not shown in title
  • Fix NavRing activation issues
  • Fix NavBar behavior
  • Fix Lockscreen shortcuts opening wrong app
  • Fix LTE toggle for some devices
  • Fix Keymapping on BT Headsets
  • Fix ResourceLeaks
  • Removed HDR for now
  • Kernels built with Linaro are now using Linaro 1303!
  • Device specific
    • OneX: Improve A2DP
    • OneX: Improve Torch
    • OneX: Fix freq cap
    • I9100G : Statusbar freeze fix attempt.

Known Issues

  • Landscape lock before unlock has a small visual glitch
  • DSPManager may have issues on some devices
  • Navbar height value in landscape is buggy [sometimes]
  • Device specific
    • d2: Phone may freeze on call disconnect (upstream)
    • d2: Bluetooth may crash while disconnecting (upstream)


How to install SlimBean 4.2.2 build 3

For Most Users:

  • Download 4.2.2 from here
  • Addons from here
  • !recommended! Full wipe, and manual format /system
  • Flash device 4.2.2 AND the addons you want, reboot

For advanced Users:

  • Download 4.2.2 from here
  • Addons from here
  • wipe cache and dalvic
  • Flash device 4.2.2 AND the addons you want, reboot

From another 4.2.2 ROM

  • Reboot to recovery
  • Full wipe, and manual format /system
  • Flash ROM zip
  • Addons from here
  • Reboot

PS: If any of the flashes are too quick i.e., less than 5 seconds.. flash again!