4.2.2 Build 4

Dear SlimUser!

It took some time but here it is, Build4. It became a really good build with some awesome features.

Custom Tiles and the controversial SlimPIE to name the most prominent ones.

However we also included quick access to the Slim IRC, feel free to connect if you have a problem or if you just want to come by and have a wee chat.

And thanks to the power of the community our ROM gets more and more translated, thanks to everyone who helps us improving SlimBean and make it better and better with each release.

One last note before you go ahead and download it. We highly recommend a full wipe this time because we have some quite big changes this time.

And now go ahead and see if you can break the new server this time, last time you didn't even came close :p.


NOTE: Many devices have been renamed to be uniform with their codenames. Please check for the them specifically.


Changes and Features

  • Add SlimPIE
  • Add Custom Shortcut Tile
  • Add SlimIRC
  • Add Sound Recorder [deleted speechrecorder]
  • Add Camera sound toggle
  • Add Auto-Hide Statusbar
  • More Camera resolutions
  • New Blacklist functionality
  • Add ability to dismiss voicemail notifications
  • Polish and cleanup SlimCenter
  • Enhance NFC from upstream AOSP
  • Add complete IBSS Support in base
  • Tons and Tons of Translations... Thanks to all contributing in Crowdin :)
  • And as usual Tons of optimizations and Fixes
  • Added support for
    • Galaxy Tab 2 7" Wifi
    • Galaxy Tab 2 7" 3G
    • Galaxy S i727 Skyrocket
  • Device specific
    • Mako
      • Inline kernel
      • Added SIO & ROW
      • Added Conservative
      • Krait retention
      • Fast Charge (motley)
      • Thermal temp throttle selector (showp1984 & franciscofranco)
      • Basic sound gain (franciscofranco)
      • Fsync(Ezekeel)
      • Gamma control (franciscofranco)
      • Linaro toolchain
      • Other smaller changes
      • Added init.d support
    • N7100/I9100G
      • Update to 3.0.74
      • Fix wakelocks
      • Updated conservative
      • Updated Interactive
      • Updated Logger
      • Updated LMK
      • Updated android staging files
      • Enhance string arithmetic
      • Higher Read-ahead
      • Updated WiFi drivers from 3.4 [N7100]
      • One more mmc patch [N7100]
      • Added SIO and Interactive [N7100]
      • Tons more.
    • D2: Updated kernel to 3.4
    • I9100G: Added noise suppression for voice calls
    • I9300: OpenSource RIL [CM]
    • Nozomi: Added FIOPS
    • Tuna: Lean Kernel 6.4
    • Skyrocket: Added init.d support
    • Crespo and Crespo4g updated kernel to latest marmite


  • Camera extra settings menu
  • Fixed DSP Manager
  • Fix Photosphere/Camera FCs
  • Fix Unable to pulldown Notification in Expanded mode
  • Fix some issues with Exchange and Email
  • Device specific
    • Nozomi: Fixed Intellidemand
    • Nozomi: Fix NFC
    • I9100: CM camera fixes upstream
    • N7100: Fixed thethering
    • I9300: Fix dock audio
    • D2: Phone call freeze fixed

Known Issues

  • Android Beam doesn't show confirm window.
  • Recents menu is buggy [Sometimes last app does not show up]
  • DashClock still at 1.5 Beta
  • FC in the various parts of the settings when the system language is either Polnish or Spanish. Switch to English if you want to change something.
  • Device specifics
    • I9100: Slim Pie does not trigger (Disabled for this release)
    • I9100G/Skyrocket: Slim Pie is difficult to trigger
    • Nozomi: HDMI does not work


How to install SlimBean 4.2.2 build 4

For all users:

  • Download 4.2.2 from here
  • Addons from here
  • !recommended! Full wipe, and manual format /system
  • Flash device 4.2.2 AND the addons you want, reboot

From another 4.2.2 ROM

  • Reboot to recovery
  • Full wipe, and manual format /system
  • Flash ROM zip
  • Addons from here
  • Reboot