4.2.2 Build 5



Time for another Slim build. Build 5 is here. We have optimized and enhanced Slim Pie further and added a nice feature from CM (Voice shutter) . Also added a "Hands Free" feature that lets you take picture with the proximity sensor (activate the feature in camera settings and flick you finger above the sensor). We decided to change our default launcher from Holo HD to Nova. We thought and discussed it for a while and even averaged out memory use in the team and came to the conclusion that Nova suited us better.

NOTE: Skyrocket is not ready for build 5 yet. 

Changes and Features

    • Slim Pie
      • Added second layer (7 buttons max + longpress)
      • Faster/Better triggering
      • Custom trigger height and gravity
      • Option to mirror right PIE on horizontal axis
    • Smart capture
    • Hands free camera
    • Update Slim IRC to 2.1.6
    • Added Vibration adjustments to Performance (select devices)
    • Added & improved more translations
    • Changed default launcher after extended tests from Holo to Nova Launcher because it uses less RAM.
    • Added actions (mark read/reply/delete) to new (stock) Email notifications
    • LED picker overwork
    • Added back 0dp navbar values
    • Rearrangement recents app switcher
    • Phone: Add blacklist unknown numbers functionality
    • Contacts: Allow blacklisting numbers from the call stats details menu
    • SMS/MMS: Overwork
    • Optimizations to syscore
    • Optimize again system stability
  • Device specific
    • Mako kernel
      • Updated to linux kernel version version 3.4.42
      • Upstream Row
      • Added fiops
    • D2 kernel
      • Added wheatley, dancedance, asswax & lulzactive governors
      • Lowered min freq to 192mhz
      • Added morfic colors
      • Added faux sound control
      • Added USB fastcharge
      • bcmdhd (wifi) driver from i9505
    • N7100: Updated linux kernel version 3.0.76
    • N7100: Random Tweaks
    • N7100: Updated Schedulers
    • I9100G: Updated linux kernel version 3.0.75
    • I9100G: Added and Updated Block Schedulers
    • I9100G: Added and Updated CPU Governors
    • Nozomi: Custom battery LED
    • i9100: Activated SlimPIE


  • Fixed many translations FC bugs
  • Fixed pinch to zoom on some devices 
  • Fix date format DashClock and DeskClock
  • Recent animation bug
  • Device hostname setting in Developer options now persists
  • A lot of smaller fixes
  • Device specific
    • D2: Fixed flickering (for good?)
    • Nozomi: Fix unknown chargers does not charge


Known issues

  • Android Beam doesn't show confirm window
  • sms strip unicode works only on quick pop up
  • Device specific
    • Nozomi: HDMI does not work
    • i9100/i777 camera widget on lockscreen crashes sometimes


How to install SlimBean 4.2.2 build 5

For Most Users:

Download build 5 from here
Addons from here (minimum Slim_gapps are required!!!!)
!recommended! Full wipe, and manual format /system
Flash device build 5 AND the addons you want, reboot

For advanced Users:

Download build 5 from here
Addons from here  (minimum Slim_gapps are required!!!!)
wipe cache and dalvik
Flash device build 5 AND the addons you want, reboot


From another 4.2.2 ROM:

Reboot to recovery

Full wipe, and manual format /system

Download and Flash ROM zip from here
Addons from here  (minimum Slim_gapps are required!!!!)