Weekly 4.2.2 Build 5.7 Changelog

Hey guys,

Brand new weekly is ready for download... SlimBean 4.2.2 Weekly 5.7


  • Fixed GlowPad not centered on tablets
  • Enhance Easy Selector in Mms
  • Option to always force 'Enter' key in keyboard
  • Added DeskClock support for xxhdpi devices
  • Add 1392x1392 res in Camera [SGS3]
  • Fixed SlimSizer deletion freezing UI
  • Fixed TRDS Multi-select in multiple apps
  • Fixed camera settings duplication in landscape
  • Fixed Camera sound toggle [regression]
  • Fixed Media control logic [regression]
  • Fixed no back/up icon in APN settings
  • Added support for DCHSPAP
  • Fixed some more mem-leaks and null pointers
  • Added some optimizations to core framework


Device Specific:

  • I9100: Enable UMS in recovery
  • I9100G: Enable Exposure settings on front cam
  • I9100G: Update kernel to 3.0.79
  • I9100G: Fixed recovery backup issues
  • I9300: Shiny new kernel
  • N7100/I9300: Updated kernel to 3.0.79


Known Issues:

  • none yet