4.2.2 Build 6 ChangeLog

Alright guys.. time for another stunning release... Not deviating from our legacy, we have concentrated massive amount of our time optimizing and fixing memleaks/bugs etc at the same time in implementing new and intuitive features that users will be very interested in.

We also added tons of new devices to our supported devices portfolio with nearly all the Galaxy S4 and HTC One line of devices. 

So as usual start your engines.. Read the changelog and instructions in depth and update your devices :)



  • Due to the updated TRDS 2.0 code, you HAVE TO download and flash the new gapps packages this time.


Changes and Features

    • 5.0+
      • Fixed visual glitch in RAMBar
      • Fixed Recents panel
      • Fixed Handsfree FC [Camera]
      • Fixed Blank camera on secure lockscreen
      • Improvements to SlimPIE
      • Fixed Tasker/Llama crash on WiFi
      • Fixed External app icons in PIE/BavBar/NavRing
      • Added Media Vol Control [change media vol @ any time]
      • Added QS Shade toggle
      • Added Turn-off to WiFi AP Notification
      • Fixed Stretched preview on some devices [Camera]
      • Added Custom User Agent [Mms]
      • Fixes for smaller SlimPIE
      • Fixed VoiceDialer + BT
      • Tons of memleaks fixes
    • 5.2+
      • Update NovaLauncher
      • Fixed Unicode Stripping [Mms]
      • Added FastCharge for some more devices
      • Added ISO Mode support to Camera
      • Fixed NavBar/SlimPIE reset on theme apply
      • Massive Improvements to Notification LED
      • Added Settings button to notification drawer
      • Added Option to force 'Enter' on Keyboard
      • More memleak fixes and optimization to framework
  • 5.5+
    • Fixed Multi-Select with TRDS on
    • Fixed SlimCenter UI Freeze on deletion
    • Enhance EasySelector to include Groups support [Mms]
    • Tons of Dalvik Changes from AOSP
  • 5.7+
    • Add DC-HSPA+ to framework
    • Fixed GlowPad layout on Larger devices
    • Massive improvements to T9 dialer
    • TRDS 2.0 [Updated Packages + Gapps]
    • Added Power Dis/Connect Notification sound options
    • Added TrueView [Camera][Shows the full sensor preview. Will appear as a smaller rectangle]
    • Massive updates to DashClock [Beta2]
    • Fixed Torch FC
    • Added Multi-Part/Split SMS option [Mms]
    • Added Transparent Incoming call [Phone]
    • Added Auto-Brightness sensitivity
    • Changed keyboard hints to full holo blue light [LatinIME]
    • Fixed BT MAP requests
    • More optimizations and fixes for memleaks for Slim changes
    • And some more optimizations to Dalvik!
    • Fixed NFC bugs
    • Fixed TRDS on car dock
    • Added official support for:
      • Canadian Galaxy S IV
      • AT&T Galaxy S IV 
      • TMo Galaxy S IV 
      • Vzn Galaxy S IV 
      • Spr Galaxy S IV
      • HTC One 
      • Spr HTC One 
      • Tmo Galaxy S II
  • Device specific
    • jflte: 
      • Add NFC support
      • Turn off Xtra gain, causing audio issues
      • Fix audio in Hangouts
      • Fixed BT headset audio
    • jflteatt:
      • Fixed camcorder recording audio
    • d2:
      • Camera: Add 2.4MP, 6MP, 7MP/Remove VGA resolution
      • Fix audio in Hangouts
      • D2 kernel
        • 3.4.45
        • Bluetooth fixes
    • i9100:
      • Switch to opensource RIL
    • I9100G
      • Updated Kernel to 3.0.80
      • Added tons of new schedulers + governers
      • Fixed Recovery issues
      • Added FastCharge support
      • New OpenSource RIL
    • N7100/I9300
      • I9300 gets new kernel
      • Updated to 3.0.80
      • TouchWake support
      • Updated WiFi drivers
      • I9300: some audio fixes
    • Crespo & Crespo4g
      • Updated kernel to marmite 8.6
      • Added fast charge path
      • Added device settings with vibration strength control
    • Maguro/toro/toroplus
      • leanKernel 6.7
    • Skyrocket & Hercules
      • Change to Marla kernel


Known Issues

  • General
    • Visual glitch on some devices shows abnormal data usage and weird animtaions. Will be fixed by next weekly.
    • Uninstalling apps may/maynot cause a softreboot. App will be uninstalled correctly. Nothing major.
    • Camera: TrueView is enabled by default. To have normal mode toggle it once in camera settings


  • Device specific
    • i9100:
      • Wifi Direct is not working
      • Zoom on camcorder at 1080p is broken
      • USB Dock audio broken
    • nozomi:
      • HDMI does not work


Installation Instructions:

For Most Users:

Download Device ROM zip
Gapps/Addons from addons section (minimum Slim_gapps are required!!!!)
!recommended! Full wipe, and manual format /system
Flash device zip AND the gapps/addons you want, reboot!

For advanced Users:

Download Device ROM zip
Gapps/Addons from addons section
wipe cache and dalvik
Flash device ROM zip AND the addons you want, reboot!


From another 4.2.2 ROM:

Reboot to recovery

Full wipe, and manual format /system

Download and Flash ROM zip
And Gapps/Addons (minimum Slim_gapps are required!!!!)