SlimBean weekly build.7.2

Finally all devices are up, please enjoy this weekly, especially the many new devices!

Ok guys auto builds are rolling and uploading as completed.


  • New devices: Motorola xt926/xt925 as well t0lte, t0lteatt and t0ltetmo
  • All "Master Key" exploit patches published by google integrated + additional security fixes
  • Gapps update: Google Music, Google Play Services, move google Now to system app
  • App update in app download section google+
  • Ehance support for secure google voice messaging
  • Storage Settings: Allow user to trigger a volume rescan
  • Backup: Use native google backup system to backup profile feature
  • Updated Translations
  • Fix possible NPEs at various spots
  • Changes to phone blacklist
  • Specifiy notifications types for Quicksettings pulldown and Auto Hide statusbar
  • SlimCenter cleanup
  • Various changes for SMS/MMS and Phone
  • Make MMS more compatible for Themes
  • Many Upstream changes
  • Many small bugfixes

Device specific:


  • blobs updated
  • upstream


  • upstream kernel and device tree


  • Support touchkey backlight and touchkey duration


  • use opensource RIL and SamsungExynos4RIL class
  • move RIL client out of Exynos4
  • sdmk4412: configurable vibration intensity
  • sdmk4210: update mali
  • reenable FIMG


  • use opensource RIL and SamsungExynos4RIL class
  • blob updates


  • use opensource RIL and SamsungExynos4RIL class
  • sdmk4412: configurable vibration intensity