4.2.2 Build 8 Changelog

Finally we present our last stable 4.2.2 base build.8

as usual read changelog and install instructions and enjoy. This time only full gapps packages are provided (no upgrade packages)

n7100 build.8 will have a delay


4.3 alpha builds will hit our official server as well for a couple off devices shortly



  • Various improvements under the hood for upcoming 4.3
  • Added Bugreport feature to SlimCenter. It creates a zip file containing basic system information and systemlogs (logcat, kmsg, last_kmsg). Please attach this zip to your bugreports from now on.
  • rearranged (more logical) Settings
  • All backend shortcut functions combined, settings observers vastly reduced and simplified.
  • Shortcuts/buttons completely redone for NavBar/Pie/Notification Shortcuts/Lockscreen Shortcuts/NavRing.
  • Fix IllegalArgumentException in Privacy Guard
  • USB: gadget: mass_storage added sysfs entry for cdrom to LUNs
  • Fix bootzip. Install signapk to sign the packages and some cleanup
  • Fix room service to allow dependency override
  • Exynos: Update Mali drivers
  • New devices: Motorola xt926/xt925, p5100, p5110, d2usc as well t0lte, t0lteatt and t0ltetmo
  • All "Master Key" exploit patches published by google integrated + additional security fixes
  • Gapps update: Google Music, Google Play Services, move google Now to system app
  • App update in app download section google+
  • Ehance support for secure google voice messaging
  • Storage Settings: Allow user to trigger a volume rescan
  • Backup: Use native google backup system to backup profile feature
  • Updated Translations
  • Fix possible NPEs at various spots
  • Changes to phone blacklist
  • Specifiy notifications types for Quicksettings pulldown and Auto Hide statusbar
  • SlimCenter cleanup
  • Various changes for SMS/MMS and Phone
  • Make MMS more compatible for Themes
  • Many Upstream changes
  • Many small bugfixes

Device specific:


  • blobs updated
  • upstream


  • upstream kernel and device tree


  • Support touchkey backlight and touchkey duration


  • use opensource RIL and SamsungExynos4RIL class
  • move RIL client out of Exynos4
  • sdmk4412: configurable vibration intensity
  • sdmk4210: update mali
  • reenable FIMG


  • use opensource RIL and SamsungExynos4RIL class
  • blob updates


  • use opensource RIL and SamsungExynos4RIL class
  • sdmk4412: configurable vibration intensity
  • M7:
  • Update init scripts for CIR
  • Restart adb on adb root
  • Fix recovery init
  • Add Irda files
  • Add widevine proprietary libs
  • Update libpn544_fw.so From Google Edition
  • Revert temp fix for ATT variant NFC
  • JF
  • N7100, I9100 & I777
  • Gps: Add magic field
  • Mako
  • Kernel: Update 3.4.53
  • Re enable Krait retention
  • Add support for LZ4 compressed kernel
  • Skyrocket & Hercules
  • Add min baseband check
  • RAZR & Droid RAZR
  • Kernel: update to 3.0.86
  • Nozomi
  • Modify min brightness level


Installation Instructions:

For Most Users:

Download Device ROM zip
Gapps/Addons from addons section (minimum Slim_gapps are required!!!!)
!recommended! Full wipe, and manual format /system
Flash device zip AND the gapps/addons you want, reboot!

For advanced Users:

Download Device ROM zip
Gapps/Addons from addons section
wipe cache and dalvik
Flash device ROM zip AND the addons you want, reboot!


From another 4.2.2 ROM:

Reboot to recovery

Full wipe, and manual format /system

Download and Flash ROM zip
And Gapps/Addons (minimum Slim_gapps are required!!!!)