SlimBean weekly build.7.5

status of the weeklies, all devices uploaded and ready!!!

!Three new devices in this weekly p5100, p5110, d2usc... enjoy them!

Ok guys auto builds are rolling and uploading as completed... Check our git for Changelog

  • Fix IllegalArgumentException in Privacy Guard
  • USB: gadget: mass_storage added sysfs entry for cdrom to LUNs
  • Fix bootzip. Install signapk to sign the packages and some cleanup
  • Fix room service to allow dependency override 
  • Exynos: Update Mali drivers


  • M7:
    • Update init scripts for CIR
    • Restart adb on adb root
    • Fix recovery init
    • Add Irda files
    • Add widevine proprietary libs
    • Update From Google Edition
    • Revert temp fix for ATT variant NFC
  • JF
  • N7100, I9100 & I777
    • Gps: Add magic field
  • Mako
    • Kernel: Update 3.4.53
    • Re enable Krait retention
    • Add support for LZ4 compressed kernel
  • Skyrocket & Hercules
    • Add min baseband check
  • RAZR & Droid RAZR
    • Kernel: update to 3.0.86
  • Nozomi
    • Modify min brightness level