SlimBean weekly build.7.8

everything built and uploaded including the jflt* devices that were broken...

Seems we forgot to publish i777, what we did now...

This week we have some special changes. Most of the changes were made under the hood, with thousands of lines of code simplified, removed and consolidated to provide not only a better experience with 4.2.2, but also as a cleaner, better foundation for 4.3.

In that process we reordered the position of the features. We created a feature tree so that you can look up what the new position of a feature is.

Please use it and don't flood the threads with question of "Where did feature X go?"

Click on it to get the full version or get the PDF here.

General Changes

  • Various improvements under the hood
  • Added Bugreport feature to SlimCenter. It creates a zip file containing basic system information and systemlogs (logcat, kmsg, last_kmsg). Please attach this zip to your bugreports from now on.
  • rearranged (more logical) Settings
  • All backend shortcut functions combined, settings observers vastly reduced and simplified.
  • Shortcuts/buttons completely redone for NavBar/Pie/Notification Shortcuts/Lockscreen Shortcuts/NavRing.

Devices with Hardware buttons

  • Configure wake on Power, Home or Both


  • add back crt effect
  • recovery: auto detect fstype for sdcard
  • general clean up
  • kernel updates


  • Major kernel updates