All devices successfully built and uploaded!

New weekly SlimBean4.3.beta.2 is currently rolling out step by step. Due to our awesome
DMs, 31 devices in total are getting 4.3 builds today. Even though these builds are labelled beta, most devices are reported as being very stable -- especially the google/nexus devices.  That said, keep in mind that it's still an automated weekly build and a beta.

  • Everybody is going to need to download the new gapps and flash them in addition to the rom due to some issues with the old beta 1 gapps. Next week we will start with the upgrade packages like we did before with 4.2.2. As a result of user feedback, we have also decided to consolidate our Gapps into more clearly labelled and simplified packages, so please take note of the name changes.
  • From now on we provide a Slim_minimal_gapps package, a Slim_AIO_gapps (includes all apps) package and as well later this weekend the Slim_AIO_aroma package, with more customizable options for advanced user. Small note...update to the just published new playstore and google music will follow this weekend as well
  • Please read and follow the install instructions below!!!!! Read about how to setup root or how to setup titanium backup. And take note that coming from another rom or from 4.2.2 a full clean flash and format system is recommend!!!!! You need to flash 4.3 gapps....never flash 4.2.2 gapps on a 4.3 build!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Following devices will receive a beta.2 4.3 weekly:

  • maguro
  • toro
  • toroplus
  • mako
  • grouper
  • flo
  • captivatemtd
  • galaxysmtd
  • jfltespr
  • jfltevzw
  • jfltecan
  • jflteatt
  • jfltetmo
  • jfltexx
  • m7ul
  • m7spr
  • m7att
  • m7tmo
  • crespo
  • manta
  • tilapia
  • i9300
  • d2spr
  • d2att-tmo
  • d2vzw
  • d2usc
  • xt926
  • t0lte
  • t0lteatt
  • t0ltetmo
  • n7100


So short overview what list all would be several pages:

Changelog from beta.1 to beta.2

  • LatinIME: full character sets on the letters
  • All LatinIME features available now on 3rd party keyboards
  • QS overwork and fixes
  • Several TRDS fixes + ehancements
  • Complete navigation ring overwork on Lockscreen
  • New device: jfltexx
  • Native 4.3 T9 dialer activated by default
  • Fix fc's with appygeek and similar apps
  • Tons off optimizations in dalvik, bionic, system core etc
  • Tons off small fixes and clean up again
  • Bootanimation overwork to fit all devices better
  • All devices got major upstream and fixes for further device specific fixes and changes check the device xda thread

Known issues:

  • currently we do not know any base feature issues

Device specific issues:

  • galaxysmtd, captivatemtd: You need to do a full wipe!!! otherwise you will stuck into a bootloop
  • t0lte devices: it effects only a small number of devices due small hardware may happen that you data partition can be corrupted during install. So do a backup before!! 99% of the time all is working well during installation. When installed all is well
  • xt926 randomly it happens very rare that you get into a battery drain. Reboot fixes it.
  • mako: due to a problem google introduced it happens rarly to some user that they suffer randomly from a 2sec deadlock mostly during typing. We reduced it already as much as possible. Still investigating this issue. Other then that it is stable.
  • jf & d2: HDR camera mode is buggy