Hey guys,

after the last beta.4 build which had the first time on 4.3 some hickups...we currently roll out SlimBean.4.3.beta.5 device per device before we go next week with the first stable version. Please read the changelog carefully and the special hints.


NOTE 1: If you get a FC with Google Now this is caused by old data and a security change from google on dirty flashes. To solve it uninstall Google Now.....reboot one time......reboot into recovery and just flash AIO_gapps again and you are fine to go

NOTE 2: mako user please read carefully the device specific hints below

NOTE 3: Still for the new 4.3 user.....a full wipe and format system!!!! you have to do when comming from SlimBean 4.2.2 or any other rom. Please read carefully the install instruction at the bottom of this changelog.



  • Camera: add jpeg quality settings to camera and video
  • Camera: add color effects to camera and video
  • Camera: add true view
  • Camera: add smart capture
  • Camera: add GPS indicator for camera and video
  • Camera: finished googles half doen work and revamp the camera and video settings to complete new google style
  • Camera: add gallery shortcut in cameraswitcher
  • Camera: Fix NPE
  • Camera: Fix audio effects dialog
  • Camera: video fix settings panel freeze
  • Frameworks: fix wrong target assignment on keyguard landscape
  • Frameworks: Remove incorrect keymapping (fix for 3rd party bluetooth keyboards eg)
  • Frameworks: Fix for NullPointerException in HTML5VideoViewProxy
  • Frameworks: Fix to NullPointerException when activity is relaunched
  • Frameworks: Prevent nullPointerException by updateBondedBluetoothDevices
  • Frameworks: PackageManager: allow build-time disabling of components
  • Frameworks: SystemUI: Add missing recycle calls (fix lint warning)
  • Frameworks: SystemUI: Fix missing top task in recent panel.
  • Frameworks: fix finally recents rambar like it was on 4.2.2
  • Frameworks: NPE in SearchManager.triggerSearch
  • Frameworks: Allow theming of lockscreen
  • Frameworks: Factor out profile trigger code into separate class.
  • Frameworks: Fix bluetooth service manager NPE
  • Frameworks: severl bluetooth fixes
  • Mms: prevent reply text being wiped from QMPopup when new msg arrives
  • Mms: Don't show quick message popup over secure lockscreen.
  • Phone: Fix ringer not stopping when call is blacklisted
  • Settings: correct 0.75 animation scale for other lanuages and add 0.25
  • Settings: Fix: Blacklist menu buttons (add, prefs) were oddly squeezed when entering
  • Settings: WiFi: "Connect" option disappear after rotating
  • Settings: WiFi: Fix Null Pointer Exception in Wifi Settings dialog
  • Remove bluetooth configs
  • Selinux: Fix denials encountered while getting bugreports
  • Bluetooth bluedroid: merge with latest caf repo
  • Bluetooth Add null pointer check in A2DPService
  • NFC: Fix memory corruption when switching NFC off
  • NFC: Fixed leaking of global references in JNI LLCP socket implementation
  • NFC: Fix issue in nfc_jni_stop_discovery_locked()
  • AV: Movie studio: fix a memory leak issue in the AOSP code
  • Update NovaLauncher
  • Gapps: update GoogleNow
  • Gapps: fixes keyboard


Device specific:


  • update lean kernel


  • several blob updates and data fixes


  • integrate selinux


  • integrate selinux

exynos4 devices (t0lte family, i9300, n7100)

  • use open source camera hall


  • major kernel and device tree updates


  • Upstream to Linux 3.4.60
  • Added Stratosk's UV implementation
  • Updated Prima to CAF release
  • Added Faux123's Intellidemand
  • Switched to JWR base
  • Other smaller things


Known issues

  • on expanded desktop mode the thumbnail on recents window is on some apps black/without content
  • dsp manager broken on some devices


Device specific issues and notes

  • grouper/tilapia: when you run into an bootloop on install....reboot again into recovery wipe data/cache and reboot again. As well do not disable the lockscreen. This issue does not happen to all but it happens.
  • mako: the random deadlock issue we tried now longer to fix and to track it down. And we managed it that it was reduced to an minimum. Nevertheless it is kernel/hardware driver related. We removed one commit on display hardware for a potential fix. But the revert of this commit forces us to use a JW66Y kernel. So if you want to use a 3rd party kernel you need to use a JWR one. The rom base is still completly JSS15Q to this exception.
  • captivatemtd & galaxysmtd: Camera will FC occasionally when launched from lockscreen.
  • exynos4 devices: bashing as hell the camera shutter may crash the camera