SlimBean 4.3 Build 1

Ok guys this is the changelog for stable build 1. Finally loosing Beta tags! *cheers*.

We want to thank everybody that stood by us through the alpha and beta stages with testing, testing, testing, flashing, and reporting a lot to get a first stable release.

IMPORTANT: Please read the install instructions (especially if coming from 4.2.2) carefully and follow them!! For the ppl coming from beta stages you can dirty flash but you have to format system this time due to new DSP manager which is now integrated in the rom and not in the gapps anymore. But you know how it goes....if you run into a problem clean flash ;)

Note: mako user who use a 3rd party kernel need to flash a JWR kernel to avoid the JSS deadlocks on mako, even though the complete rom is JSS base. This is only for mako!!!!!

Note2: grouper and tilapia will receive a weekly and not a stable release due to the bootloop problem on fresh installs. Otherwise it is stable. Like before to resolve the bootloop problem when you run into it....wipe dalvik cache and /cache and the rom will boot up. We do not want to mark a rom as stable even when the solution to resolve the issue for the user is easy.


  • Add support for Samsung AGPS (specific devices only)
  • New support for I9100G
  • Improve scrolling cache
  • Add List Animations
  • Fix camcorder crash after pause and resume
  • Fix camcorder freeze when attempting to take snapshot on unsupported devices
  • Massive upstream for recovery (specific devices only)
  • Fix BT (or it should be functioning for all now)
  • Pie and Navbar optimization & cleanup
  • Removed redundant menu entry on navbar and pie and merged it with AOSP behaviour
  • Pie add dynamic menu button
  • Fix Slim Bugreport
  • Fix up cpp flags
  • Fix security issues with some apps like amazon, fsync
  • gapps: update g+ and google music
  • gapps: optimizing libs
  • gapps: new aroma package
  • Changelogs from 4.2.2 till now here, here and here

Device specific:

  • d2:
    • Add BLN support
  • jf:
    • Fix voice search with headset
  • Mako:
    • Revert Prima update (should solve 5Ghz network problems)
  • Moto:
    • Many kernel changes
  • i9100/n7000:
    • Camera: Implement proper touch-focus behavior
    • Camera: fix missing "Action" scene mode in camera settings
  • crespo:
    • Kernel updated to latest marmite sources
    • Full selinux support (thanks to CM and Kufikugel)
    • Bluetooth fixes

Known Issues:

  • New YouTube from google can cause pixelated video in HD - when you run into this issue you can only use the older YouTube version till google hopefully fixes it with an update.
  • Recents screen in expanded desktop shows on some apps a black thumbnail
  • uninstalling/updating paid apps may cause a soft reboot.....nothing is uninstalled/updated correctly. The system just tries to clear the app completly

Device specific issues

  • i9100/n7000
    • Random reboots on auto-rotate (mostly when using YouTube and/or Camera)
  • exynos4 (i9100/n7000/i9300/n7100)
    • Mobile Data disconnects during Phone Call restors to normal state after the call.
    • Small arrows on data signal icon (status bar) for in and outgoing data stream do not show up
  • i9300
    • The icons camera scene mode are wrong labled but functional
  • mako/xt925/xt926
    • using camera with flash can cause a black or white picture as result. Touch the screen to focus before the shot and it does not happen. Mako can flash photosphere for a workaround as well.
  • i9100g
    • snapshot during video record does not work