weekly 1.6

weekly build succesfully complete !

Hi guys, this weekly looks really promising and smooth, take a look and report things as you always do in our threads.

!By the way, if you should have any old devices you don't longer need where we could test our builds, feel free to contact us, that would be extremely helpful!


  • Update Prvacy guard to use app opps
  • RIL update and changes
  • Some frameworks_native updates
  • Qcom_audio-caf upstream from CM
  • Qcom_media-caf upstream from CM
  • Smart dialer: show quick contact on long press
  • Camera: some upstream and fixes
  • Fix Bugreport (again and hopefully for good)
  • Deskclock: show 00 and 30 to timers
  • Some fixes and upstream for frameworks_base
  • Fix NFC shutdown logic
  • add back MusicFX to gapps
  • Screen timeout quicksettings tile and pw toggle has now screen stay always on mode
  • Gapps: update GmsCore
  • Gapps: update Google Music
  • Gapps: update Google Hangouts
  • Gapps: update Google Search
  • Gapps: update Google YouTube
  • hint: due of major issues for some user with the original new Google Mail we hold of the update at the moment
Device specific:

  • D2:
    • kernel upstream/changes
  • M7:
    • kernel upstream/changes
    • Fixed device encryption
    • Update vendor blobs
  • Mako:
    • Linux 3.4.63