Changelog stable build 2

Hey guys....finally is published. Assuming that KitKat will drop soon this is probably the last stable 4.3.1 build....but lets see how long google let us wait ;) As last week stated we are already working on 4.4 and are developing unique features which will be something completely new in the android enjoy 4.3.1 and stay tuned for the new comming stuff.

As always please carefully read the complete changelog and the install instructions below.

And last note....check out our new forum..... ;)


  • Switch back to how AOSP handles Dalvik - fixes problems with AIO gapps on exynos4 and i9100g devices
  • Switch to new display-caf (caf devices only)
  • Add Geeb to supported devices
  • Add vibrantemtd to official release
  • Add deb to official release
  • Gapps: update YouTube
  • Gapps: update PlayStore
  • Gapps: added LatinIME lib for better compatibility with other roms - thanks NeilW
  • a lot small fixes
  • Changelogs since build.1: here, here, here, here and here

  • HTC One:
    • Add swipe in recovery
    • Audio policy caf upstream
  • D2:
    • Switch back to CM kernel
  • Tuna:
    • Upate kernel
    • Re-work lights.c
  • grouper/tilapia
    • Add OTG
    • Fix loop issue in most cases - if you still run into the loop on fresh install wipe dalvik/cache and you are good to go
  • Crespo:
    • Update kernel
  • Jf:
    • Kernel updates
  • Motorola devices:
    • Massive upstream from CM

Known Issues:
  • T0lte family:
    • Camera Scene Mode might disable Flash. Delete app data to restore.