Changelog SlimBean 4.3.1 2.2 final

Hey guys,

for some weeks now no official you can imagine there are several reasons for it. First awesome new shiny KitKat AOSP version arrived where we have a lot lot work to do on. As well we worked a lot to get rid of the last mainly device specific bugs on the final 4.3.1 and decided today to publish the last stable 4.3.1 version to the public. The devices got a lot upstream as well we fixed some security issues. A small and dirty Changelog for the main fixes see below. Gapps please use still the 2.0 gapps. Installinstructions as usual see below.

For SlimKat we will start rolling out for a bunch of devices next week with the usual weeklies cycle.

Have fun thanks for the support and patience and enjoy when you are still on SlimBean and not on the already very stable SlimKat ;)


- SuperUser security fixes
- Several BT fixes
- Selinux security ehancements
- LID controll fix
- some translation upstrem
- nearly all device got device and kernel updates