SlimKat 4.4.2 beta 1.9 weekly

Hey guys,

So our weekly release cycle started and we just turned on jenkins to build for all devices. Aside that we have some new devices again and much has changed this week. Major change lots of people requested was The Real Dark Slim. Users asked again and again why we do not have it, although we invented it, and a lot of other roms included it already. The answer is easy, we recoded and tweaked this feature extensively to make it better then before and to prepare it for a new theme engine which will come in the future. For now the user will feel it is the same like it was on 4.3.... though looking deeper you will see some things changed. It has now auto modes you can set. Means that you can switch to dark depending on your light conditions (like autobrightness) or you can set up the switch for daytime situations too. This is only possible due to the fact that we no longer need  to restart the apps in the background like previous to change TRDS. As well toggle in navigation bar, navigation ring or quicksettings with mode switcher is not a problem any more. In future, based on TRDS a new theme engine will come as well a second base theme which is completly white themed with the aim that you can install 2 themes and let them switch like they want. Aside from the feature base changes, kroz our themer worked endless hours to theme all from scratch and went into more detail than it ever was before on 4.3
That said we are still not finished on all apps with the theming. So if you see an app (or gapps that have still to be themed yet) please remain patient until we have everything completely finished, though the major apps and the base are done.

HINT: Due to the major changes, we clearly advise all users to do a clean install this time.

Much has been written only about one feature.....but tons of patches aside from TRDS went into SlimKat this week also.....a small summary can be found below......

But just before the  latest changelog: The whole SlimRoms Team would like to wish all users and your families a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy and have fun!!!!

  • BatteryService: fix FC on boot until battery stat is present
  • National roaming info for yesss! in Austria
  • PhoneWindowManager: fix navbar behaviour in expanded mode after 4.4.2 merge.
  • systemUI: split the broadcast receiver in phonestatusbar
  • GlobalActions: collapse all panels if global action is shown
  • fb: small cleanup and fixes in navbar transitions
  • WindowManagerService: fix application transitions in expanded mode.
  • Base: Stylus Gestures
  • Base: Toggle Stylus Pointer Icon
  • fb: TRDS 3.0 and new theme engine preparation
  • fb: add theme switch (TRDS) to navbar and navring
  • QS: add theme switcher tile (TRDS)
  • fb: add ticker entries only if we are not recreating statusbar
  • Keyguard: disable statusbar clock for dashclock, lockclock and desclock
  • SystemUI: Add double tap to sleep gesture
  • Framework: Change stock Clock-Click Actions
  • Keyguard: let the user drag the challenge down if widgets are disabled
  • Add an option/category in Dev Set to customize the device hostname
  • Framework: Fix QuietHours Vibrate
  • Fix Immersive confirmation in expanded mode.
  • Fix ResTable_config::CONFIG_* typo (MCC vs MNC)
  • base: added national roaming info for Pepephone in Spain
  • National roaming info for 3 in Ireland
  • fb: lock statusbar recreation and release after ticker is done
  • fb: use SlimActions for torch tile and send as qualified user
  • Camera: don't display picture size unless supported
  • Camera: Add ZSL support for Samsung/Qualcomm cameras
  • Camera: Fixes Mako continues focus problem
  • Camera: Fix Smart Capture label display
  • Camera: TrueView Returns!
  • Torch: Don't show variable brightness options when using the camera iface
  • Torch: make torch to a real system app
  • Torch: add better error handling and added fallback mechanism
  • Settings: enable/disable lockscreenwidgets preferences
  • Settings: One does not simply become a Developer
  • Settings: add Device on Advanced Options for device-specific settings
  • Settings: fix quickpulldown summary and clean up code
  • Native: sensorservice: Fix init sequence for pre-1.1 API sensor HALs
  • Native: libs/ui: Fix crash issue because of null pointer access
  • Native: surfaceflinger: Set max acquired buffer count
  • Native: GlES2: Add NULL check
  • Native: sf: work around for no EGL_RENDERABLE_TYPE support
  • Telephony: Fix NT_MODE case statements
  • hungarian translations - Thanks to Zoltan
  • spanish translations - Thanks to Carlos
  • turkey translationgs - Thanks to docHD
  • Tons of fixes and upstream on all devices
  • and a lot lot more