SlimKat beta 2.1 weekly

Hey guys,

first off, the entire SimRoms team again wish you all a happy new year and we hope all slim users started well into 2014. Even through the holidays we worked hard to prepare the first weekly of the new year. So lets welcome the first automated build for 2014 :) We just started jenkins so the builds will drop soon.

As usual keep in mind that it is still beta and an automated build. So do a backup before you flash and do not flame anyone if you discover a small bug. This week major improvements were done especially on the devices with problems (maguro, toro, toroplus, crespo, galaxysmtd) and for all others, just read the changelog. More new devices hit SlimRoms officially this week as well. Say welcome to n7000, d2mtr and jflteusc.

Gapps still remain the same. We are working hard on TRDS packages which will come soon.

Thanks and have fun



  • Camera2: check always for the highest supported video quality
  • Camera2: do not set a video quality default in video preferences
  • Camera2: ZSL and focus fixes
  • Camera2: White panorama ui
  • Camera2: Add options to better control video preview size
  • Camera2: add extended volume key and power key control
  • Camera2: enable UI for all Camera features
  • Camera2: enable settings UI for all video features
  • Camera2: Round camera settings icon margins to 8
  • Camera2: fix long press shutter behavior
  • Camera2: Set the width dynamic to parent from fixed 400px
  • Camera2: Enable module switcher on resume
  • Camera2: Fix for unsupported resolutions by codec.
  • Camera2: Set original camera parameters while switching between modules.
  • Camera2: save on external storage
  • Camera2: actually fix ArrayAdapter on MoreSettingsPopup
  • Camera2: Revert "camera2: set focusmode default always to auto"
  • Camera2: some aapt warnings cleanup
  • Settings: Fix Activity Names
  • Settings: Fix Tile Index
  • Storage Settings: Allow user to trigger a volume rescan
  • DeskClock: Add back flip and shake actions
  • Frameworks base: QS: Fix dynamic IME tile does not show up
  • Frameworks base: Allow applications to override power key
  • Frameworks base: Fix hardware home key behavior on wake-up
  • Frameworks base: Forward Port: Hide USB Debugging Icon
  • Frameworks base: trds: improve dialogs and menu popups
  • Frameworks base: Smoother Upload and Download Animation
  • Frameworks base: Turn off carrier provisioning by default
  • Frameworks base: fb: fix reconstruct statusbar illegal argument exception
  • Frameworks base: WifiController: fix high perf lock sometimes not respected
  • Dialer: Goodbye blue dialpad
  • Frameworks av: Increase max screen recording time from 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Frameworks telephony: SamsungQualcommRIL: Add more validation of Signal Strength
  • Frameworks telephony: SamsungQualcommRil: reversed engineered implimentation of dial() from touchwiz
  • Art: Use /usr/bin/env python for the shebang in tools/
  • blutetooth bluedroid (default branch): Fix uipc.c to never pass -1 to FD_ISSET.
  • blutetooth bluedroid (default branch): Fix array shifting logic of updating bg devices list.
  • blutetooth (default branch): Add null pointer check in A2DPService
  • blutetooth (default branch): Fix another duplicate response bug in AT+CSCS handling.
  • blutetooth (default branch): Added support for Filter parameter for PBAP function PullPhoneBook
  • blutetooth (default branch): Fix signal strength indicator.
  • netd: IPv6 Tethering Support
  • netd: enable IPv6 forwarding and handle upstream interface
  • Frameworks native: Graphics:Add error check when create GraphicBuffer
  • Frameworks native: surfaceflinger: Apply bugfixes to the correct hwc code paths
  • Phasebeam wallpaper: new shiny tweaked one
  • TRDS: Darker Gallery
  • TRDS: Darker Camera
  • a lot upstream in Frameworks av, hardware libhardware (legacy), diplay-caf. audio-caf, media-caf
  • a lot device specific tweaks fixes or upstrem (see specific changelog in weekly download section)