SlimKat 4.4.2 build.2.8.RC3

Hey guys,

This has been an amazing week and hopefully the last RC release before stable. This week changelog is on the short side, but with 2 new features added in. Took a great deal of time and effort to implement them the best way possible, at least as we see it. For more information on Pie and OpenSource Google Dialer take a look here and here.

As well we published today our first official app on the PlayStore. An easy slim wallpaper chooser with some slim touch. This is the start of some apps and theming realted things which will follow on our PlayStore account in future. More information you can find here.

Jenkins just started the build for all devices. New devices are: p3100, p3110, p5100 and p5110. We will soon support new devices like Xperia Z1 (Honami), Moto X (Ghost) and Moto G
(Falcon). Sadly we need to say that skyrocket and hercules is for the time beeing on hold. There are to much issues currently to get it to a fully stable build.

So have fun read carefully the changelog and enjoy. Gapps remain the same.

  • Framworks: BroadcastQueue: fix class typo of next receiver
  • Framworks: fix on tablets notification drawer height on custom image background
  • Framworks: restore navbar compatibility with several xposed modules
  • Framworks: Vpn: Setup routes.
  • Framworks: Add EdgeGesture service.
  • Frameworks: SlimPie
  • Frameworks: fix qs and notification shade toggle on expanded desktop
  • Frameworks: Add user protection and pie/navbar toggle to SlimActions
  • Framworks: Make sure to turn off led after pulse()
  • Frameworks: a nicer resize with better quality
  • Framworks: SystemUI: Slim Actions to Shortcuts
  • Frameworks: fix navbar and pie icons for tablets and RTL
  • Framworks: clean up the AOSP tablet icon mess
  • deskclock: internationalize repeat days layout
  • Camera: fix crash on screen off-on on preview screen
  • Camera: Disable Camera Launcher when both Front and Back sensors are not ...
  • Mms: Fix to return to previous activity when a sms/mms notification is selected.
  • MMS: Fix The slideshow can't be shown in the message
  • Mms: Fix the send button disappearance after selecting the forward recipient
  • DownloadProvider: Add Download Speeds in notification
  • Bionic: libc: krait: Implement optimized versions of memmove and bcopy
  • Devices: again a lot fixes and upstream
  • General: a lot small fixes for comming stable release
  • General: updated translation