SlimKat Stable 3.0

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We are proud to announce the first stable release of SlimKat (build3.0). We would like to thank you for the testing you have done on the weekly builds. This testing laid the foundation for this release.



It is very important that you follow the installation instructions (especially the part about wiping/formatting system). If you don't, you will have issues, and there will be no one able to help you out. As well read our FAQ's to get your questions covered.

We have started on the TRDS (The Real Dark Slim) and some compatible apps are included in the release so be sure to update Gapps.

Additional notes:
There are devices which will not receive a stable release but instead a weekly. These devices are: all g2 (d800, d801, d802, vs980, ls980) and p700.

Links for download:


  • Frameworks: EdgeGestureService give abbility to reduce the left and right trigger site on IME keyboard
  • Frameworks: SlimPie give user ability to reduce trigger heights if IME is active
  • Frameworks: TRDS fix possible UI freeze on auto mode change
  • Frameworks: Respect and handle shorcut custom icon resources
  • Frameworks: Add support for QC's time_daemon
  • Frameworks: fix sdk build
  • Frameworks: Keyguard: Ensure that a widget and page is attached before attaching the ChallengeLayout.OnBouncerStateChangedListener
  • Frameworks: Revert "Make sure to turn off led after pulse()"
  • Bootable recovery: Load RTC offset on Qualcomm Krait chips, fixes the broken time & date
  • Dialer: Add WhitePages Canada reverse lookup provider
  • WhitePages API: Only reload page if the first load has the UUID for the cookie
  • Telephony: fix reverese lookup gms logic detection
  • General: Again a lot translation updates. Tons of new translations will follow soon (italian and german eg)
  • General: A lot small fixes
  • Device specific: Again a lot small fixes and upstream. For device specific changes see the attached changelog in the download folder of your device
  • Gapps: Update to latest google apps
  • Gapps: PlayStore and YouTube TRDS compatibility


Changelogs since first SlimKat weekly release:

Known bugs.

  • Lock before unlock in combination with maximize widgets, and only then, needs sometimes a second press to handle the widget
  • LTE quicksettings tile is wonky on some carriers on world phones
  • i9100/n7000: After some hours listening to music stutter can happen or play just stops