SlimKat Weekly 3.6

Jenkins is running for new weekly build 3.6. A lot of work has been done to recents and on fixing problems. Might not look like much but for more details download the device specific changelog or look at gerrit/github. Have fun.

  • Smart pull down to SlimActions
  • Notification Reminder new layout and fixes
  • Allow SlimRecents to be closed in the middle of animation
  • Fix 3rd party recents call on SlimRecents
  • Allow IME board alive while SlimRecents is open
  • Make SlimRecents multiuser compatible
  • Fix random fc on pinch to close all
  • Frameworks: go kikat + style tweaks and follow googles colour scheme
  • Smooth spinners
  • Allow virtual keys to preload recents
  • SlimRecents call app details correctly
  • PackageManager: Fix reconnection logic in installer
  • Massive update from upstream to caf frameworks/av & libhardware
  • Some Bionic optimizations for cortex-a15
  • Some fixes to our bluetooth repos
  • Browser: Various fixes
  • Smdk4412: updates to touchwake (kernel and device settings)
  • p31xx & p51xx: Bluetooth changes
  • Rhine: add radish blobs
  • Honami: Various optimization to glibc and rwsem to kernel
  • G2: update power profiles
  • G2: add usb to ipv6
  • Mako/Geeb: Readd sl(aou)b updates, zram optimizations, mpdecision/thermald updates and compile with linaro 4.8.
  • Mako/Geeb: Disable boost pulse and depend on cpu governor, set interactive as default
  • Update on translations
  • Various other fixes and optimizations