SlimKat weekly 3.8

Hey guys,

Jenkins just started to build the new SlimKat weekly version 3.8. Builds for the devices will show up during the next hours. Some words to the changes:

- We needed to remove googles reverse lookup from the dialer (not forward lookup) due to legal reasons. As replacement to the already present reverse lookup with other providers we added as well a new people lookup API. So new Dialer has Google and OpenMaps forward lookup (near by places). White pages ppl lookup and reverse lookup for a bunch of providers. More will follow soon.

- SlimRecent got some updates and new functionality. Favourite mode along with mode for left handed ppl and the ability to scale the size.

- Lockscreen and notification reminder got some love as well.

- Gapps got major updates.

Slowly we are preparing next stable release. 3.8 should be already near. As usual read carefully the changelog and install instuctions.

Have fun

Edit: Added Yuga and D803

SlimRoms Team.

  • Frameworks: SystemUI: Set Status bar opaque during drawer pulldown on tablets only
  • Frameworks: Don't let apps disable the SIM PIN entry screen.
  • Frameworks: Don't recreate keyguard for MCC/MNC changes.
  • Frameworks: NFC: getNdefMessage() should throw exception if no tag in field.
  • Frameworks: Round off when calculate next step in Seekbar
  • Frameworks: Hang off call by power button while screen is on
  • Frameworks: Take account of RotationVector's new extra parameter
  • Frameworks: SlimPie only preload recent on button press down
  • Frameworks: Revert "services: don't clear wallpaper when SystemUI"
  • Frameworks: add favorite mode
  • Frameworks: Prevent a duplicated registration of Observers
  • Frameworks: Fix progress of VolumePanel never refresh
  • Framework: Notify User Interaction on Unlock
  • Frameworks: Null pointer exception in
  • Frameworks: Fix to memory leak leaving WallpaperCropActivity.
  • Frameworks: add gps gid to system_server
  • Frameworks: remove unnecessary switchUser call
  • Frameworks: NULL previous background bitmap upon changing wallpaper
  • Frameworks: NsdService does not clean up after exiting clients
  • Frameworks: VolumePanel: Don't force navigation bar
  • Frameworks: SystemUI: Update Ringer tile code.
  • Frameworks: Tethering: fix NPE when retrieving active interfaces
  • Frameworks: Service: Keep services needing restart.
  • Frameworks: including build.prop property "ro.config.vc_music_vol_steps" for more volume steps.
  • Frameworks: SlimRecents make it RTL/LTR aware + scaling + lefty mode
  • Frameworks: More Keyguard Colors (1/2)
  • Frameworks: Add people lookup settings keys
  • Frameworks: SystemUI: Notification Reminder - Update Reminder
  • System core: restorecon_recursive("/sys") speed boot time
  • Browser: Handle DownloadManager exceptions
  • ContactCommon: The FastScroller is not working properly.
  • MMS: Disable Android 4.2 specific hack regarding keyboard behavior.
  • MMS: process stops after sharing a video through Messaging
  • Cardslib: only initialise LRUCache if really needed.
  • Cardslib: Add partial onLongClickListener ability
  • Dialer: Remove Google Reverse Lookup: Auth may violate terms of service
  • Dialer: New lookup API
  • Libhardware: Fix PAN control callback definition to match what bluedroid is doing.
  • Bluetooth: Avoid race condition that gets PanService stuck in STATE_DISCONNECTED.
  • Bluetooth: Update PAN JNI code to match updated interface definition.
  • Bluedroid: Fix bug in PAN code where no new PAN connections can be made.
  • Gallery2: Ensure background edition complete on back Key
  • Gallery2: Fix out-of-order operations while setting up the editor
  • Gallery2: Handled seek to previous frame in case of video trim
  • Settings: Fix F/C in TTS settings
  • Gapps: Update of Google+, Google Now, Google Launcher, Google Music, Google TTS, Full LatinIME, Google PlayStore (with TRDS). YouTube update is on hold due to problems with it.
  • Device specific: Lots of updates and fixes as usual. Please look at the changelog attached to the download.
  • General: Tons of fixes and improvements again.