SlimKat Weekly 3.9 -> 3.10

All built and uploaded, have fun with 3.10!

Ok guys new weekly rolling out trying to iron out some bugs.

  • It is highly recommend to download and flash the new gapps package to have everything fully working.
  • Gapps filename is the same as last week (check the upload date)
  • YouTube still remains to the old one due that google is still fixing latest version.

  • Fix SystemUI memory leak and some cleanup
  • Fix linnked volumes does not persist on reboot
  • Fix possible NPE and missing expandable panel
  • Fix lockscreen slider logic
  • Recents do not kill favorite apps
  • Fix kill all recents fc
  • Check if faceunlock is disabled
  • Change sql to improve performance
  • Various small fixes for DSPManager
  • Dialer/UnCallUI/Telephony code cleanup
  • CM upstream to keymaster
  • Quite Hours automatic switch
  • Add "is starred" to quite hours
  • Disable keyguard widget frame
  • Lockscreen rotation optional
  • Fix pin-layout
  • Fix palm rejection (Galaxy Note devices)
  • Fix possible ANR and navigation freeze
  • Fix possible denial with selinux
  • Fix Gallery permissions for extsdcard
  • Massive update to frameworks av, frameworks native, system_core, audio-caf, display-caf, media-caf. for caf devices from cm
  • Various tweaks to jf and d2 devices
  • G2 lots of kernel and device changes
  • Upstream for smdk4412 camera driver
  • P51xx/P3100 fix sim-pin
  • Fix Xperia Z1 6902 ril problem
  • Mako/geeb: Update kernel to 3.4.83 && tune CPU boost
  • Hammerhead: small kernel fixes
  • d2lte: various network fixes
  • Update various translations
  • Gapps: update Google Play Services, added Google Music TRDS version, Playstore TRDS fixes, update Google+