SlimKat weekly 4.2

Jenkins started running for weekly 4.2. A lot of device specific changes in to this weekly and some bugsquashing/cleanup rom wide. This is a quick changelog, for full details look at out github, gerrit or download the device changelog.

  • SlimRecents fix 50ms unresponsiveness
  • Chamber of Secrets string edit
  • Chamber of Secrets add global database
  • Fix slow start for settigns/sound
  • Fix avrcp absolute volume
  • Do not show Home behind full screen activity
  • Fix Airplane mode on/off
  • Parallel shutdown
  • Great deal of fixes and optimizations for frameworks base
  • TWRP updated to 7.0+ (for devices with recovery in
  • Update busybox
  • Some updates to hardware_qcom_audio-caf
  • Some updates to frameworks_av

Device specifc
  • Mako/Geeb: Update kernel to 3.4.85 and some code fixes
  • Hammerhead: Massive kernel changes for video handling
  • Honami: Merge sony 4.4 source (we are now CAF)
  • Yuga: Updates to kernel
  • D2/JF starting unified builds
  • I9300/T0lte: Audio changes on rom side
  • G2: Major kernel changes