SlimKat 4.4 - weekly

Hey guys,

new weekly is rolling out right now. Jenkins started building. The changelog this week seems to be short. But especially device specific a lot was changed/ehanced/fixed. As usual please follow the install instructions.

A lot asked last weeks which big features will come next on SlimRoms.....key words are SlimSecure, SlimNotification drawer, SlimTheming (TRLS, engine and more). All very big projects which will take some no ETA's but stay tuned :)

New device this week arrived: LG G PAD 8.3 V500

Have fun

SlimRoms Team.


  • Frameworks: Allow Power Notification Sounds for Wireless
  • Frameworks: navigation bar IME cursor control
  • Frameworks: SlimRecents: Make expanded layout pretty
  • Frameworks: SlimRecents: user configurable default expanded mode
  • Frameworks: SlimRecents pass gesture detector to the cardslistview
  • Frameworks: Don't recreate controllers.
  • Cardslib: CardsListView allow to touchevents from swipetodismiss for gesture
  • Cardslib: do not pass trough touch event to gesture listener during swipe
  • Qcom power: Skip build if perf enabled
  • Qcom power: Option for disabling input boost
  • Qcom power: Make NO_TOUCH_BOOST the default
  • Qcom power: This HAL is only for Google devices
  • Qcom power: Additional guards
  • Qcom power: Deal with TARGET_POWERHAL_VARIANT
  • OpemSSL: Add heartbeat extension bounds check.
  • Frameworks av/media/audio/display for caf variants got major CAF upstream
  • A lot device specific kernel and device tree changes (see changelogs shipped with the builds)
  • Translations