Weekly build 5.2

Ok guys its time for Weekly. Some new stuff coming around, many fixes and updates to device specifics. I925 will be added to weekly this week

  • Shake to secure: directional shake aware
  • Lockscreen shake events
  • Always active shake events
  • Added more battery icon options - oldschool and ability to remove icon
  • Custom Tile: Added  Double Tap
  • Option to turn torch off automatically if screen turns off
  • Smart Pulldown - any notification
  • Hardkey light control (some devices)
  • Bootable_recovery: updates (devices that apply)
  • Qcom_wlan: Upstream from cm (caf)
  • Qcom_fm: Upstream from cm
  • Fine seekbar control
  • System_core: Fix adb to prefer sbin/sh if it exists
  • Libhardware_legacy: Some upstream from cm (caf)
  • Fix to "safe volume"
  • Some translation updates
  • Addons Updated (Uploading)

Device specific: 

  • Rhine: Kernel updates to oom
  • Rhine: Compile kernel with Linaro 1404
  • Mako/Geeb: Kernel update to 3.4.90
  • Falcon: Upstream from cm
  • M8: More upstream and fixes
  • Yuga: Reverted back to 3.4.0
  • G2 family: Enable ZSL
  • Smdk4412: Implemented ZZmove
  • Smdk4412: Revert TouchWake
  • T0lte/I9300: Default to interactive 
  • Crespo: Improve touchscreen response