Changelog 5.4 Weekly 5/25

Ok guys its time for Weekly. 

  • Allow All Widgets On Keyguard
  • Pimp-up QuickRecord Tile
  • Add ffmpeg audio&video codecs (for some devices)
  • media-caf/new upstream from cm
  • audio-caf upstream from cm
  • display-caf -new upstream from cm
  • Added more translations
  • Updates Addons in the next hour or two - Lots of awesome TRDS updates!!!
Device specific: 
  • Mako/Geeb: Kernel updates 3.4.91 & some null checks
  • G2 family: Blob Update bcmdhd firmware
  • i9300/t0lte family: Added camera wrapper
  • hlte: clean up device tree/ blob updates
  • jflte: update adreno blobs
  • m8: more upstream from cm/blob updates
  • m7: blob updates
  • Rhine: Updates kernel to cm, fixed GPU Simple_ondemand (myfluxi) and added gpu conservative (myfluxi)