Changelog 5.6 Weekly 6/1

It's that time again weeklies are now starting.....

d2lte users use caution flashing custom kernels compiled before 6/1

Please grab the new Addons 4.4

Newly supported device: Togari

  • Pulse Torch on Incoming callsPimp-up QuickRecord Tile
  • Add transparency to Glowpad background
  • More translations
  • frameworks/av upstream
  • qcom_display-caf upstream from cm
  • qcom_display-caf-new gralloc: Fix compatibility
  • Shake sensitivity adjustments
  • App2SD: initial support is rolling out jflte,d2lte,all smdk4412 devices,p3xx,p5xx,honami,togari,more to come...
Device specific:
  • jflte: Fixup init_jlfte.
  • samsung-qcom-common: Enable FFMPEG
  • msm8660-remove duplicate SELinux rules
  • msm8226-Update adreno blobs
  • Sony-Qcom Update adreno 330 blobs
  • m8- Update blobs, device tree updates, Kernel upstream
  • hlte- Use Camera wrapper/build just our wrapper and not the msm8960 one,Update adreno blobs
  • d2lte- enable KSM & keydisalber
  • lge_g2common-updates