Changelog 5.9 Weekly 6/15

Time for weekly!!!!


  • more translations
  • Add color values for ease of TRDS theming
  • fixed quick record on specific languages
  • Telephony: Glowpad transparency setting easier to find now
  • audio-caf: upstream from cm
  • qcom-fm: upstream from cm
  • libhardware_legacy upstream from cm
  • allow build with OpenJDK,javac 1.7,Some changes added to compile and run with Java 6 and Java 7.
  • Fix compilation of Enum on JDK 7,java7: Implement new Locale APIs,art: Fix building under JDK7
  • bootable_recovery: updated twrp tp 2.7.1 (for devices that apply) 
  • FB:QuickRecord: Fix crash on other languages,Grant qcom_oncrpc group to system_server,decouple SW FLP and HW FLP overlay flags,Combo Provider: Get the package name from resource,Combo Provider: Specific location screening,Fix for crash in LocationManagerService,Clear cached locations when location providers disabled Bug: 12118307,
  • Slim Recents: Option to show topmost task,Always show topmost task collapsed
  • fmapp2: Fix the build
  • Frameworks AV: upstream from cm
  • System UI: update circle battery UI to be inline with CM

Device Specific

  • m7-kernel upstream
  • m7 common-upstream
  • m8-kernel upstream
  • m8-common upstream
  • Update Flo blobs for 4.4.3
  • Update Deb blobs for 4.4.3
  • vendor_qcom: Remove unneeded blobs
  • P31xx: Preload libjhead in init
  • P51xx: Preload libjhead in init
  • i9100G: Preload libjhead in init
  • jflte: clean up overlays
  • d2lte: update blobs
  • mako-msm:camera Check if client is NULL before calling ion_free,Check if client is NULL before calling ion_free,Fix camera crash when ctrl_q is empty,Fix mctl release crash issue
  • g2: kernel upstream
  • geeb: camera fixes for race conditions in abnormal snapshot stop,fix race condition in snapshot,N4 configuration to enable IPv6 RA filtering,upstream merge from 4.4.3
  • falcon: updates both base and kernel,starting lag is now gone,if anyone has camera issues to do a full wipe include /data
  • motorola_qcom-common: massive upstream from cm
  • motorola_msm8226-common: massive upstream from cm