Changelog 5.10 Weekly 6/22 Weekly

Time for weekly!!!!

4.4.4 is here..........

New Devices: pyramid,i9500 (build error), Skyrocketmoto_msm8960dt (Moto X, Droid Maxx-Dev Edition)

Edit: Jun 23 2014 8:42AM (-4GMT)
We are compiling a unified build called moto_msm8960 which has been tested for xt925 and xt926. That being said the build should be able to support:
  • asantic_c (Photon Q - Sprint)
  • quinara (Atrix HD - AT&T)
  • scorpion_mini (Droid Razor M - Verizon)
  • smq_u (Razr M - GSM)
  • solstice (Electrify M - US Cellular)
  • vanquish (Droid Razr HD - Verizon)
  • vanquish_u (Razr HD - GSM)


Introduce controls on wake lock interface
more translations
frameworks base- Keyguard updates,Add Dialpad key padding
Dialpad padding is a feature for dialer apk
Correctly close IME keyboard if Calculator is launched
Camera2: add missing 4MP option string
Settings: Change desc for battery charging text color
bluedroid: Disable AVRCP 1.5 by default

Device Specific

d2lte: Revert "d2lte: update blobs"
galaxys2-common: Enable Apps2sd for galaxy2-common devices
jflte: jflte: fix the auto brighness curve
hammerhead: fix offline charging,update blobs for 4.4.4,update fingerprint for 4.4.4,add slim govenor,make slim governor as default
flo: make SlimPie more sensitive,Update Flo blobs for 4.4.4,
deb: make SlimPie more sensitive,Use Flo blobs for 4.4.4 till we get the proper ones from Google
Mako: Update fingerprint for 4.4.4,Update Mako blobs for 4.4.4
Yuga: Enable app2sd
fusion3-common: update selinux policy,update mpdecision startup
p31xx: kernel upstream
p51xx: kernel upstream
motorola_msm8226-common: upstream from cm
motorola_qcom-common: upstream from cm
falcon: upstream from cm
m8: upstream from cm
fusion3-common: Adreno driver cleanup
sony_qcom-common: Adreno driver cleanup
sony_rhine-common: Adreno driver cleanup
sony common: update extract file script
mako: massive kernel upstream from,update to 3.4.92
i9300: update camera wrapper
t0lte: update camera wrapper
n7100: move back to prebuilt driver with camera wrapper