Stable 6.0

Ok we've gotten to a point where we think we are stable, at least for most devices :D

New devices: I9500 (for real this time) Man we can't get it right, Next time.
Dropped devices: Yuga (dm no longer owns it)

Changelogs since last stable 5.2, 5.4, 5.6, 5.8, 5.9, 5.10
  • Fix Topmost feature
  • Fix battery charging percentage color applier
  • Fix Battery stat app
  • TRDS: Fix Volume panel background
  • Add ASCII logo to edify script
  • more translations

Device Specific

  • Geeb: Update fingerprint for 4.4.4
  • G2: update loki,recovery: Add a loki script as a recovery transformation step,Fix the loki product name
  • Yuga: use retail name for PRODUCT_MODEL,re-enable "Eject SD card" option,yuga: fix /dev/input/event11 permission,major upstream CM
  • hammerhead: major kernel upstream,update to LINUX 3.4.94
  • manta: update fingerprint to 4.4.4
  • flo: update fingerprint to 4.4.4
  • HLTE: Move to common msm8974 repo,fixup permissions for inputs,disable world_phone overlay,Fix GPS problem for CDMA variants
  • msm8974-common: remove network modes overlay,Fix audio context sepolicy error
  • deb: Update fingerprints to 4.4.3 OTA
  • m8: add bdroid config,enable LCD KCAL sysfs support,LCD_KCAL: Color Control driver for M8,lcd_kcal: Correct the copyright information

Known Bugs:

  • I9300/t0lte/N7100: Graphical glitches on some games
  • Falcon: Slower boot time (~20-30s)
  • moto_msm8960: Graphical glitches in landscape (disable hardware overlays to solve
  • Skyrocket: Ondemand causes random reboot. (stick with Interactive)
  • P31xx: Screen-Off-Animation ignoring our hwrotation=270 (disable screen off animation to solve)

Devices running as Weekly
  • I9500
  • I9300
  • T0lte family
  • N7100
  • I9100 (Inactive DM)
  • I9100g (Inactive DM)
  • N7000 (Inactive DM)
  • I9000 (Inactive DM)
  • Cresoi (Inactive DM)
  • Pyramid (Inactive DM)
  • V500 (Inactive DM)
  • Maguro (No testers)
  • Toro (No testers)
  • Toro+ (No testers)
  • Grouper (No testers)
  • Tilapia (No testers)