Weekly 6.2 Changelog

Hey guys

New weekly is rolling out now. This week we have aside a lot bug fixes and improvement two major original slim features merged


  • Attention, there was some issues with Jenkins so we did a complete rebuild. If your device had already recieved a weekly it is fine that you flashed and is the same as the newer build.
  • Attention: moto_msm8960 devices now have 3.4 kernel and require KK bootloader


  • 1. Quiet hours rework. You ever wished to setup your quiet hours different on different days? No problem anymore. A big interface allows now nearly everything you can imagine to setup your quiet times exactly like you want to have. For more info see this post.


  • 2. Slim Heads Up! Under the title.....heads up meets SlimKat....SlimKat meets Google IO....we merged an own heads up version into our source. The difference to the known other solutions is that we stay near to google's idea. Heads up is for important notifications and for nothing more. We do not use blacklists or similar or do not need to parse long settings values.....with ease you can simply enable it on the apps you want with a long press on the notification. It is deeply integrated into the system and feels simply natural now for every app. Of course we have on top some useful features, native heads up support on dialer MMS and email app and most important a lot work went into fixing the remaining bugs of the hidden heads up aosp code.





  •  jflte updates
    • allow mpdecision to manage sleep modes,add permissions for mmcblk1 scheduler; increase read ahead cache size,support flashing loki'd recovery images
  • i9500 updates
    • Update init script from XXUFNB3,Add Mobicore support,Select Exynos 5410 specific EGL flags
  • i9500 kernel updates
    • v4l2: Add RGB32 pixel formats to header,Kbuild: export videodev2_exynos_camera header,cypress-touchkey: Add keydisabler
  • m8 updates
    • Revert "Include HTC EasyAcess" Included from vendor as it should have been,update adreno,Remove unnecessary LTE overlay option, BoardConfig: remove unused (and incorrect) flag,remove mpdecision no sleep flag,evert "selinux: set permissive for now"
  • rhine-common updates
    • Include missing header,secure tad socket,remove unused flag,Remove unnecessary data icon overlay options
  • sony_msm8974 kernel updates
    • Rhine: Update version after CM merge,msm: kgsl: Protect CP_STATE_DEBUG_INDEX,msm: kgsl: Mark the IOMMU setstate memory as read only, msm: kgsl: Protect SMMU registers from being written by the GPU,msm: kgsl: Enable protected mode for A3XX,stereo call recording support
  • falcon updates
    • proprietary-files: No need for seperate xt1033 libs 
  • motorola_msm8226-common updates
    • GPS: Minor hal update, proprietary-files: Use stock rild/libril to fix missing phone number,root: Update post_boot and switch to interactive 
  • motorola_qcom-common updates
    • root: Fix up the thermald.conf symlinks for 3.4 kernels, proprietary-files: Commonize msm8960 and msm8960dt where possible,Disable lpa.decode to fix headset playback on msm8960