SlimKat Weekly 6.6 Changelog

SlimRoms presents

Weekly 6.6

update to 4.4.4_r2 

New Device: Bacon 

LG G2 family will not recieve weekly this week 





  • sony_msm8974 kernel updates
    • Update script,Bump version,Togari: Enable Motorola's memutils,Togari: Compile with -Ofast,Remove ffast-math gcc flag,Add -Ofast optimization option, readahead: make context readahead more conservative
  • qcom_common updates
    • qcom/common: Added O_NOFOLLOW to avoid follow the symlink,power: Disable the 8974pro-specific,display on/off path,power: Add support for SET_PROFILE hints,power: Kill logspam,power: Add support for CPU boost hint
  • mako updates
    • prepare for new thermal engine,Enable QRNGD,Enable -O3
  • mako kernel updates
    • mpdec: fix missing log message on resume if !scroff_single_core,mpdec: if !scroff_single_core unboost all cpus while suspending,mpdec: FIX BUG#27,vfp: since we use hardfloat, change the modifer accordingly
  • skyrocket updates
    • Updated kernel source config. Moved kernel source flag to msm8660-common