Weekly 6.8 Changelog

SlimRoms presents

Weekly 6.8





  • oppo_common updates
    • bacon: add other gesture for torch and cleanup,bacon: let the frameworks handle the camera,oppo-common: add screen off gesture control - custom action per gesture
  • i9300 updates
    • Set multi-colored battery led,enable eject sdcard,Fix battery led control for real this time
  • oppo_msm8974_common updates
    • Overlay mms_config to increase allowed picture size,Increase volume of handset-mic to match stereo level,Separate handset-stereo-dmic-ef from dmic-ef,Remove custom bitwidth from audio devices,Multi-offload supportreenable gapless,Enable support for true 24-bit audio,set correct permissions for flashlight_enable proc
  • i9500 updates
    • Remove deprecated defines,Move camera ID file to sane location,Set correct pixel format for recovery,enable eject sdcard
  • jflte updates
    • disable zsl for ffc,remove unused gps-nomsb.conf,Utilize charger class for offmode charging,tcp buffer config,wifi: bring in settings from msm8960-common
  • exynos5410 kernel updates
    • [media] fimc: Move camera file paths to sane location,[media] fimc: Move camera ID file to sane location
  • d2lte updates
    • d2: Enable built-in WiFI,fix usb,revert blobs libinvensense_hal.so "fixes bootup issues",Utilize charger class for offmode charging
  • msm8226-common updates
    • root: Update post_boot and switch to interactive,Add CM performance profiles and recovery power modes,Remove local copy of ebtables as it is tracked now
  • kernel_moto_msm8226
    • Up to par with CM again.