Weekly 7.8 Changelog

Time for Weekly guys. Sorry for the tardiness but its starting to build now. Quick and dirty changelog before I collapse, you can always fine the full history on our gerrit and github.


  • Fix Recent Panel defaulting to white on clean flash
  • Frameworks_av: Upstream from CM (caf)
  • Media-caf: Upstream from cm
  • Display-caf: Upstream from cm
  • Audio-caf: Upstream from cm
  • Display-caf-new: Upstream from cm
  • External_tinyalsa: Minor updates
  • Vendor_slim: Update APN list
  • Updates translations
Device Specific
  • I9500:
    • Alot of upstream from CM
  • M7:
    • Cleanup Makefiles
  • Jflte:
    • Fix some permisions
    • Fix consumerir
    • gps: add dummy functions
    • Enable pulsing LEDS 
  • Flo/Deb: 
    • Massive kernel update to Mpdecision and Thermal driver
  • Rhine:
    • Upstream from CM ( mostly audio related)
  • Expresso Kernel:
    • Minor updates to USB mass storage
  • Mako:
    • Update Faux Sound