Stable 8.0

SlimRoms presents

Stable 8.0 


    • updated apns
    • more translations
    • SlimCenter "Fix OTA on unified builds"
    • Volume panel background colour & transparency
    • Slimrecents: card/text colour
    • Slimrecents: background colour & transparency
    • Add hlteusc
    • Add taoshan
    • Add Amami
    • Add hltevzw “developer edition”
    • Add hltespr

Changes since last Stable, & 7.9


  • kernel_lge_geeb updates
    • Bump to 4.0,Sound Control: MSM8960DT/APQ8064 ONLY: Fix logic derp,Sound Control: separate locking mechanism for recording and playback,Sound Control: let register lock be dependent on different hw revisions,Sound Control: Misc clean up for newer WCD9xxx SOCs,Sound Control: expose direct register manipulations to userspace
  • lge_g2-common updates
    • g2: enable ZSL on HDR,Clean up CameraWrapper.cpp and bring in line with CM
  • kernel_asus_flo updates
    • Added Intellidemand
    • Added SIO
  • htle-common updates
    • merge vibe control into device settings,hlte enable userspace vibration strength control (2/2),good ol device settings,hlte-common update audio_platform_info for new extended format
  • i9500 updates
    • i9500: Use Samsung custom GPS header,i9500: Add sec_touchscreen.idc,i9500: idc: remove useless Atmel stuff,i9500: typo,i9500: add HighTouchSensitivity control permissions,voice fx: fix effect state control logic.,Remove unwanted file
  • kernel_samsung_exynos5410updates
    • disable Atmel stuff, input: touchkey: Start/stop touchkey driver based on screen state
  • manta updatesp5100
    • Enable translucent bars
    • P51XX: disable TvoutService


Google plus and Maps have been removed from full gapps package due to hangouts using a different version of the prebuilt c++ binary than the ones used by Maps and Google plus causing them to crash. Hangouts will only run as a system app in its modified TRDS state and since G+ and Maps are not themed they'll be removed.


Devices running as Weekly: 

  • flo
  • deb
  • d2lte
  • jflte
  • i9000
  • i9100
  • i9500
  • N7000
  • bacon
  • crespo
  • pyramid
  • v500
  • maguro
  • toro
  • toro+
  • honami
  • amami
  • togari
  • Motorola family