Weekly 8.6

SlimRoms presents

Weekly 8.6.1

Note: Due to sync issues, we've relabeled the build to 8.6.1 and restarted jenkins. We recommend everyone to update when available.


Resume Support for:

Falcon (moto G 1stgen)

New Devices:

Ghost (Moto X) and peregrine (moto g LTE first gen)


  • i9500 updates
    • Revert "voice fx: fix effect state control logic."
  • m8 updates
    • camera: Update HAL API versions and fix warnings,m8: fixup voip apps,m8: Add misc partition to fstab,init: update/add vzw props
  • oppo_msm8974-common updates
    • msm8974: Enable WMA DSP codecs,msm8974: Enable multiaac codec,msm8974: Move audio_policy.conf out of common repo,msm8974-common: Move kernel commandline to device
  • jflte kernel updates
    • jf: update camera driver from I9505GUEUCNF3, bcmdhd/bluetooth: kangbang samsung NF3 source