Weekly 8.9

SlimRoms presents

Weekly 8.9

Due to upcoming release of L from google, our weeklies for kitkat builds will be prolonged to make them as stable as possible.


  • SlimLauncher: Added Icon Pack Support,Hidden Apps Settings,Multi-Language update
  • Status Bar Ticker
  • Camera2 “Enable 10MP and nHD pictures modes ” (Ghost related)
  • More Translations
  • frameworks/base updates aosp caf


  • i9500 updates
    • fstab.universal5410: fix usb otg auto mount, fstab.universal5410: move system to top of fstab list
  • jf-common updates
    • Fix Compensetion engine of temphumidity sensor, snd_soc_msm: Lower Camcorder Microphone Volume
  • motorola_ghost updates
    • Build pn544 NFC HAL (fixes broken NFC), Remove wcnss_service, Update power profile, Restore stock vibration patterns, Tune vibrator patterns