Weekly 8.12

SlimRoms presents

Weekly 8.12

                    Note: Rebuilding as 8.12.1 due to sensor problems on none caf devices


  • SlimLauncher: 
    • New icons
    • Change folder icon
    • Text color
    • App Drawer Gesture to go back to homescreen
    • Smart folder
    • Home as up in launcher settings
    • Folder preview color 


Device Specific updates:

  • pyramid updates
    • use our defconfig, USB OTG support, fstab: Add misc partition, overlay: enable eject sdcard
  • falcon updates
    • Don't do online TRIM, Mount firmware partitions
  • kernel_motorola_msm8226 updates
    • Revert "Propagate (CR) - WLAN: Add interface specific filter configuration", Revert "Implement new IPV6 filter logic", msm: vidc: Send resolution along with output buffer
  • motorola_msm8226-common updates
    • Major Upstream
  • motorola_ghost updates
    • ghost: Fix boot jars classpath, ghost: Use QC TimeService package, ghost: Clean up init, ghost: Use wcnss_service to initialize wifi, ghost: Tweak power profile values, ghost: Configure cpu-boost driver
  • motorola_peregrine updates
    • peregrine: Don't do online TRIM, peregrine: Mount firmware partitions
  • kernel_motorola_ghost updates
    • Major Upstream
  • oneplus_bacon updates
    • Revert ULL feature for now, Fix device ID,
  • p5100 updates
  • Update blob listm, Remove unused audio flags., Stop using voice paths for VOIP, HLTE: update to new adreno drivers dtd 30JUL14, Turn off s-pen button while screen is off.